As we are deep into #Election 2016, there are ongoing reports of voter fraud. In some cases, it is electronic voting machines changing a selected #vote or defaulting to another selection. In some cases, it is absentee ballots mishandled, and in others poll workers wearing shirts against a certain candidate. Sorting out the broken mechanism can be solved by addressing fraud from the voter side with one simple change.

Put an end to illegal voting for good

There has been controversy over the past year with voter ID requirements, absentee ballots being filled out by people other than voters, double voting, and illegal immigrants being bused to polling stations to vote en masse illegally.

But there’s a simple way to end the dishonesty. Eliminate all the disheveled and disparate state voter registration policies and implement a simple system with a technology backbone and a national database that will forever block double voting, voter ID fraud and shoddy absentee ballot handling.

Fingerprint registration is the key

Fingerprinting technology is now affordable and reliable. Many people log into their smart phones with their fingerprint. Theme parks tie season tickets to fingerprints. It’s simple and uncheatable. Your fingerprint is uniquely yours. With one-time registration, you present your proof of citizenship whether it’s a birth certificate or passport, provide your fingerprint and you are registered for good.

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If you move, that won’t matter with all of the fingerprints stored in a national database.

No ID, no problem

You don’t need an ID to vote. You only need your hand. No one can vote for you. If you can’t vote on election day, no problem. Go to your local voter registration office prior to the election, offer your fingerprint and make your vote happen. For military overseas, no problem. The tech is cheap enough to allow them to vote digitally via fingerprint and encrypted systems already in place. No more of the military’s vote not getting counted because the ballots were mailed in and delayed.

It’s simple and foolproof

Dealing with corrupt programming in electronic voter systems is another issue and anyone that sells or programs a voting machine shown to rob the voting public of their right to choose should face felony charges for election fraud. There is also the issue of felons and illegal aliens voting.

Fingerprint ID puts an end to that. When you’re convicted of a felony, your fingerprint is tagged in the system as ineligible to vote. If you’re an illegal, you won’t have documents to enroll to vote.

A step in the right direction

No system is perfect, but this would go a long way toward casually corrupt practices that rob people of their individual votes, and seek to stuff the ballot box unfairly, or those that vote in elections when they are not entitled to do so.

Did you vote today? Did your voting experience go as expected? Wouldn’t you like to know that our democratic system is honest and transparent? Next we can address the issue of the antiquated and unnecessary electoral college after Election 2016 is over and done.