During the presidential debates, it was Hilary Clinton who attempted to deflect questions about what Wikileaks had exposed regarding her corruption scandal by stating that the facts came from a Russian hack. Even if these facts were uncovered by the Easter Bunny it still remains unclear how the facts found therein had anything to do with who may or may not have uncovered them. It is not only Clinton who raises such concerns, but even Green Party candidate Jill Stein has been attributing everything but x-ray vision to the super powerful, uber hacker extraordinaire, Putin, and his team of USA hating henchmen.

Most of the left (who have been in prior times anti-war) seem more than eager to engage in some kind of conflict with Russia.

Perhaps it is due to post-Cold War prejudiced that just never fully dissipated, maybe it is true that our leaders always needs to have an enemy at the ready such as was the case with Bin Laden, or it might just be that our current leaders do not fully grasp what is causing the problem. Certainly, those on both sides of the aisle can find ample reason to distrust any leader such as Putin who has ties to the KGB in his past in much the same way that both parties often distrust American leaders who have had ties with the CIA. This is simply prudent thinking.

Another fact is that while Putin is a man of Orthodox Christian principles, he can be very callous, as was seen in his handling of the Pussy Riot. Sure, Pussy Riot were a troublesome lot who invaded a place of worship and surely they deserved some punishment.

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Still, the truth is that many view the way that the punishment was conveyed – even if just – as simply too hard handed in tone. Therefore, let us take a look at the good as well as the bad concerning all things Vladimir Putin.

The good news about Putin

Putin is against the New World Order, which is to say the loss of sovereignty and independent rule that comes with capitulation to the NWO. This is where Putin and the so-called alt-Right agree. Many Jill Stein and those on the left tend to think that those right thinkers are on the same page with Putin on every issue. This is the same flawed logic that reasons that since David Duke likes Trump over Clinton that somehow all Trump supporters must support David Duke's racist views just because they agree on 1 topic. This is akin to saying that since many people liked the late Chris Benoit of the WWE as a talent that all Benoit fans are somehow in favor of domestic abuse, drug use, or murder. Painting with such a broad brush would be foolish if applied to any other area of life, and it is just as foolish here.

Another plus regarding Putin is that he seems to want to avert war yet at the same time is refusing to allow what he see's as danger to his nation. It was Ronald Reagan, one of the most revered presidents in US history, who promised Russia as the USSR fell apart and the Cold War ended that no NATO or western weapons would encroach upon Russia or former Soviet land. This promise has been broken under Obama, who would by all accounts, not be very happy if the shoe were on the other foot and Russian weapons were on Mexico's border.

The bad news about Putin

When people say that Putin is a threat to peace, they are not as wrong as some on the right would suggest. Russia buzzes US warships, even in international waters. This kind of show of muscle can result in an attack if for any reason the aggression is read as more than a strutting maneuver. These kinds of actions can be read as a major act of war, and actually in the past been. Wars have narrowly been missed for less.

One other questionable practice from Putin is the way that he's targeted certain target in Syria. It is true that Russia was invited to Syria by their elected leader, yet president Carter has confirmed last year that he did instruct Putin on where innocents were and where Us forces were. Therefore, there was no ambiguity in which Putin can hide during questions of such actions.