social media has become the go-to news source for many in the world today, and that number grows at an amazing pace. The evening network newscasts ruled the information that most Americans heard for decades. Legendary news anchor Walter Cronkite would come into your living room each night explaining what was going on in the world, why it was happening, and people trusted him to be factual.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and all the other sites have become news feeds for the masses. Donald Trump recognized the power social media had, and he used it perfectly on his way to the White House. The problem with social media is not the fact that so much of the so-called news is fake.

People blindly believing some of the misleading news, and then sharing it without researching its validity is the problem.

Things can get twisted

The real honest news is what we all should want and expect, but is social media where we should even look to for news. Fake News is very easy to create, some people call it fiction. Take a story that appeals to some; that same story is entirely false to others. Social media like the mainstream media is slanted depending on who, what, where, and when you read the news.

The left is currently openly promoting the idea that social media sites should delete false news. Sounds more like censorship than anything else, maybe we should just let those that run Twitter and Facebook decide what we think. We have become so dependent on others telling us what we think, that we can’t do a little research to become more informed.

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Free-speech or Propaganda

Once we let someone start monitoring and deleting information that they deem false, we no longer have a free-speech society. Information should not be filtered by anyone except yourself. This would not be free-speech it would most certainly be propaganda. Exposed by all this is the fact the left will stop at nothing to advance their agenda.

The mainstream media just learned a valuable lesson with the results of the Presidential Election, people ignored what they were hearing and voted for who they thought was the right candidate. Social Media companies should remember this, if they try to assert influence in politics, people will turn away.