How many of you have ever felt personally victimized by #Donald Trump? If you just raised your hand, I'm sending you hugs, tea, and a link to a Tumblr support group. However, if you just scoffed, congratulations, you are officially the Regina George of this Mean Girls-esque political experiment gone wrong; how does it feel? Either way, I have less than 4000 characters now to articulate the very real consequences of Trumpocalypse 2016, a Republican controlled Congress, and the decades of civil and human rights progress that are currently under threat, so please read and here goes:

Insert panic attack implosion here

Trump’s spent 18 months spouting off an outrageously dangerous, divisive, discriminatory narrative that has thrown every minority group under his dystopian bus to demagogic electoral hell.

This humanoid embodiment of canned pumpkin pie purée has incited fear of and violence against people of color, Muslims, immigrants, women, and queer people, has no real concept of anything outside of his own privileged experience, does not retain even a 5th grade level understanding of how government works, never released his tax returns, advocated war crimes, is endorsed by the KKK, doesn’t believe climate change is real, flip-flopped on every issue, has upcoming trials for fraud and child rape, bragged about committing sexual assault, presented himself as a martyr to save America from threats that aren’t real, and has consistently shown just how outrageously unqualified he is to be president…and he still won.

And in the aftermath of "What On Earth Just Happened Oh My God How Did Things Get Even Worse Look What You Did America You Made Uncle Sam Cry" Election 2016, white supremacy, patriarchy, heteronormativity, and bigotry won.

Having the right to vote for whomever you want means owning your candidate's flaws: so Trump supporters, this is where it gets undeniably personal. This candy corned dementor has persistently threatened the basic civil and human rights of people like me and every other minority.

Choosing to side with a man who has based his entire campaign on racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. is just as bad as being any -ist or -phobic yourself – and at this point, there really is no difference. The rhetoric by which you’ve chosen to abide makes you complicit in enabling hate and ignorance, period. It is nothing more than small, harmful weakness, and as hurt, angry, and anxious as I am right now, I really just feel sorry for you.

Because we can be, and indeed have to be, so much better than this.

Take care, rise up, get to work – repeat

No matter how you voted (if you did), do not gloat or dismiss our protest or fear – however, if you do, I’d like to take a moment to congratulate you on the privilege that comes with being a white straight cisgendered male. Instead, I implore you to understand that Trump's win will have catastrophic repercussions for millions of people. Our grief, anxieties, and protests are valid, because so much now hangs in the balance. And in time, we will rise above everything that is systemically indicative about our society by Trump's win, because that’s what we do – and the fight for peace and equality will live on.

For now, I genuinely don't know if we'll be okay or what the answer is, but I do know that I'll never stop believing that fighting for what's right is always worth it. It's been a truly horrendous w̶e̶e̶k year, so here's the advice I'm trying to follow, if you'll join me: Take care of yourself and others, stay safe, listen, think, learn, be compassionate and aware, speak up, create, love, mobilize your community, challenge legislation, vote, volunteer, donate, and raise awareness to effect real change. Be bold, proud, and peaceful in your resistance, and hope we might just be a little better tomorrow.

Complacency now is as dangerous as Trump's proposed policies, and we cannot let Trumpocalypse 2016 become our new normal – so get ready, because now it's time to get to work.

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