GOP dumbfounded presidential nominee Donald Trump, who recently complimented James Comey for initiating the re-investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails, raised the ire of patriots on both sides of the aisle for telling Medal of Honor recipients at a North Carolina rally that he also is a brave person. Trump, referring to the heroes on the stage behind him, hesitated for a second and limply tried to clarify his comments: "Oh, they're so much more brave than me. I wouldn't have done what they did."

Trump's self-effacing comment

Trump, who Harry Reid believes is being given cover by Comey for all of his indiscretions, tried to portray himself as "self-effacing" and stated that he is brave in "other ways" and that he is "financially brave." Then he asked, "So what, right?" Then, referring to the Medal of Honor recipients in the third person and not even addressing them directly, he stated, "These are real brave."

Trump faces repercussions for his comments

Twitter enthusiasts took to the electronic media and tweeted their displeasure with a presidential candidate who would dare to compare his risks in the financial market to those taken by brave soldiers who risked their lives, and in some cases sustained injuries, PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), and other debilitating conditions.

Furthermore, Trump's comments reminded viewers of his disgraceful exchange a few months ago with Khizr Khan, the father of a fallen Muslim-American war hero who gave his life for this country while fighting in Iraq. In that exchange, Trump described himself as having made a "lot of sacrifices" for America with all of his business ventures. Trump's statement resonated like a lead balloon falling in a pig pen, along with the aroma.

Trump's courage to face election results music

Of course, ultimately Trump is going to have to face the music and the reality of the election results as they start coming in on November 8, 2016, less than a week from now. There arises a real question as to whether or not Trump has the intellectual and/or emotional stability and maturity to cope with his inevitable loss in the election.

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It is at that moment that Trump's patriotism to this country, or "bravery," as he wants to call it, will be put to the test? If he truly is patriotic, he will respect the democratic process and will acknowledge that the people have spoken, concede the election to Hillary Clinton, and call for all Americans to unite behind their new President. A snowstorm in July in the Sahara Desert probably would be more likely.