When you put #Donald Trump and Twitter together, you never have to wonder just what the president-elect is thinking, as he lays it all out there for the nation in a tweet or two (or three or four). There's also no need to worry about how much truth is in those tweets about the president-elect, as it's coming right from the source. Trump's Twitter action is probably the most accurate news on the president-elect you can get.

Tweet galore

In a series of tweets Sunday morning, Trump displayed just how mortified he is that #Hillary Clinton has joined the effort to recount the votes of the election. Trump's furious over his past opponent doing an about face when it comes to the voting system in this country.

Good for the goose, but not for the gander?

The tables have turned and Hillary Clinton's words on the campaign trail have come back to haunt her. Trump is slamming Hillary because she lambasted him when he refused to say that he would accept the outcome of the election. Trump consistently called the elections "rigged" and Hillary fought him tooth and nail about his perception of election rigging.

Trump finally did say he would honor the outcome of the election with one minor stipulation -- he would accept the final count only if he were to win! Win he did, and today Trump calls Hillary a hypocrite because she is the one not honoring the outcome of the election. She's joined in on the recount campaign, according to the Huffington Post today.

Trump laid out the story from start to finish in a series of several tweets this morning.

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He recalled how during the campaign Hillary found Trump's refusal to accept the outcome of the election without question rather horrifying coming from a man that could be president. This caused some mud-slinging as the election was winding down and the general consensus at that time was that Hillary was going to win.

Throwing good money after bad?

Well she didn't win, and now the Green Party's Jill Stein has raised $5 million to throw at the election recount cost, a recount that is already happening in Wisconsin. Saturday it was learned that Hillary and her camp will take part in that recount. It is not known at this time if Michigan and Pennsylvania will be next in line for a #Vote recount.

Thin margins

The margins in these three battleground states were so thin that Hillary, Stein and Hillary's supporters are hoping against hope that a recount will change things. If the shoe were on the other foot and it was Trump looking for these recounts, he would have Hillary and thousands of her self-appointed surrogates knocking down his social media door with disparaging tweets.

Trump tags this a 'scam'

Trump calls the recount a scam, according to "Fox News" live on Sunday afternoon. He also said the vote is in and he is the winner, which is the end of the story as far as he is concerned. Hillary had plenty of reprimands to dish Trump's way when he threatened to not honor the election outcome if he lost. Today she is doing what she lambasted Trump for threatening to do.

A sad and tragic way for Hillary to go out?

Does she really believe that recounts could possibly put her in the White House? Some might see this as a sad case of Hillary not accepting the inevitable. While others may see this as an extension of Hillary seeing things one way when they benefit her and another way when they don't. This also appears to be her approach when following the rules and laws of this nation. She appears to believe that there's an entire set of laws that govern her, and her only, which was demonstrated with her email debacle over the last year.