A modern Democracy operates on two basic premises, the first that all voices will be heard and the second the existence of a system of #checks and balances to ensure the proper administration of the country. With Trump’s The election of #Donald Trump victory the Republican Party now controls the White House, the legislative Branch and will attempt to nominate Justices to the #Supreme Court has put Cruz on a short list to occupy the now vacant seat on the Supreme Court in line with the core beliefs of the Party. This has the potential to negate the checks and balances that are a fundamental part of the country’s system of government.

Representation for all

A few years ago the Tea Party grew within the Republican Party that used the rallying cry of the Boston revolt against British Rule of its colonies.

“No taxation without representation” helped lead to the foundation of the United States and has entered History. Yet we must ask one basic and essential question, should not representation extend to all aspects of American society and not be limited interests to one or two small groups as seems to be happening?

Democracy only exists where the citizens have the chance for their voice to be heard, not only during elections but also through their representatives in Parliament. With the current set up of the two Houses of the American Parliament many voices will not be heard in the immediate future.

Worse still, the overt intentions of the Republican Party to nominate Justices to the Supreme Court with Justice Scalia’s ultraconservative Originalism view of interpreting the Constitution will mean that these conservative ideas will become predominant in all branches of the American Government.

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Modern constitutional themes

Scalia’s interpretation of the Constitution according to the intentions of the original drafters means not being able to make effective decisions on matters that could not have been foreseen at the end of the 18th Century. Could the men that allowed slavery for a section of the American population have foreseen matters such as abortion, equal marriage rights, genetic research and euthanasia that are only a small part of the modern themes that must be faced by every Parliament in the world and not only in the United States? Limiting the ability of the Supreme Court to decide on these important issues will ensure that they continue to be running sores for American Society for at least the decades to come.

In the same way giving voice only to small special interest groups and not to community-wide concerns means that the Congress and the Senate do not represent the country as a whole thus leading to even more protests against politics as we saw after the election on November 8th.

Inclusive no exclusive

These are not signs of a completely healthy democracy, but of a system where many of its leaders have forgotten the core concepts of Democracy that became the central theme of the civil rights movement, that Democracy is not the philosophy of exclusion. For Democracy to be effective and relevant it must include all the voices that comprise a country’s society. Any system of government that is completely dominated by one party, no matter in which country, runs the risk of a hegemony that endangers the very basis of that system. This is why the checks and balances the checks and balances that are in American #politics. which are now at risk were set in place at the time.

We are not yet at the point of worrying about a dictatorship in the United States, but it would be fair to suggest that the current American political system is a wounded democracy that panders to limited core groups at the cost of large sectors of the population.

The men who drafted the Constitution knew full well the rallying cry of the Boston Tea Party, but representation should not and must not be limited to taxes, but extended to all aspects of American life. Are the Senate and Congress that came out of November 8th truly representative of the country? #Donald Trump