Is Bill Clinton asking voters for a favor? #Donald Trump has spent his campaign attempting to convince the masses that #Hillary Clinton is crooked, although some might say she has done a good job at helping him do that. Hillary on the other hand has spent her campaign trying hard to make Donald Trump's ideas as a presidential candidate look crazy. She's honed in on his insistence that Obamacare must go as one of those crazy ideas! Then there's Bill Clinton who has spent the campaign seemingly building Trump as the better candidate without saying the words "vote for Trump."

Vote for Trump

Bill Clinton has probably been the biggest asset for Trump within Hillary's camp and instead of the doting husband that he's been morphed into via the media, he's been one heck of a liability for Hillary.

America loves Bill Clinton and they still can't get enough of him today. Astronomical fees are paid to this former president for an hour of two of his time on college campuses and business institutions throughout the nation for a speech. People come from all over just to hear him speak. So chances are they've been listening to what he has to say along the campaign trail for his wife!

People love Bill

It seems that Bill finally made himself clear on how he would like to see this election go when calling Obamacare "crazy!" According to CNN News Bill called Obamacare "the craziest thing in the world" as he explained why it was never going to work. This comes on the heels of his wife Hillary telling folks how proud she is of Obamacare because "before it was Obamacare it was Hillarycare!" She was adamant on keeping the nation's healthcare system in place no matter what.

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Obamacare crazy                 

Then with Bill's jaw-dropping critique going against Hillary's stand, she scrambled to throw some damage control into the mix. Now she wants to keep what is working and change what is not, but that means throwing Obamacare out and building something new. Getting rid of Obamacare and putting something new in place is what Trump has been campaigning for all along.

Rigged... Bill agrees!

Hillary has spent her campaign calling Trump crazy for his thoughts on Obamacare along with his insistence that the election process is rigged. Bill Clinton happens to agree with Trump's "rigged" theory. He was captured on a video last year saying just that, which has now been pulled out of the archives and put in the headlines to show how he doesn't agree with his wife's thoughts on a "rigged" election.

Hillary deserves this

Bill Clinton gave a speech for Hillary at the start of her campaign asking the voters to vote for her because she "deserves this," according to The Daily Caller.

He never said America deserves a president who will work hard for them, no... it was that his wife "deserved" to be president. That is not why people will vote for a candidate and that didn't sit well with folks. People want to hear what the country deserves and what Americans deserve from a candidate. The office of the president isn't a prize or an award for Hillary Clinton!

Vote for Bill's wishes one last time?

Will the country do Bill Clinton one last favor - one he's appeared to ask for since the start of his wife's campaign... cast your vote for Trump? He thinks Obamacare is crazy and she's dead set on keeping it. He thinks Hillary "deserves" to win, but do you want a person in control who believes they "deserve" to be there? Today is the day you decide if you'll vote for what Bill Clinton seems to be hoping for or if you'll cast your vote for Hillary!