If you voted in Massachusetts today you may have noticed that Trump and Pence were at the very bottom of the voting choices on the ballot. Clinton and Kane were at the top, followed by Johnson and Weld, and then, Stein and Baraka. At the very end Trump and Pence were listed. This seemed a bit odd to voters who have mentioned this on the social media sites today.

Trump's name last on ballot

If it was created as an alphabetical list, that seems odd because there are two top parties on the ballot, the Republicans and the Democrats. It seems reasonable to expect that the two top parties would fill the top two spaces on the ballot, as other states have done.

The letters on the ballots are not very big and if  you happen to forget your glasses this could be a problem. If you are finally able to make out Clinton and Kaine's name, which come first, then you would more than likely check the next one down thinking it would be the Trump and Pence choice.

Trump - Pence first or second on ballot in other states

Mass Live posted a picture online of the #Massachusetts ballot as it appeared in every voting booth within the state. In New Hampshire although Hillary and Kaine were first, Trump and Pence immediately followed with the other two not-so-popular candidates listed at the bottom.

As seen on the website Decode DC, Trump and Pence were listed first on the Maryland ballot with Hillary and Kaine second in line. The two other candidates were third and fourth.

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According to the Mirror #Donald Trump has made a complaint on problems with votes in a tweet today, but he said nothing about the order of names listed on the ballots in the Bay State.

It looks and feels odd

Comments on Reddit about Trump and Pence appearing last on the ballot in Massachusetts indicated that this did seem odd to some folks. One person left a comment saying Trump was first on their California ballot. Other's reassured the person who first asked the question if seeing Trump at the bottom of the list was strange. They offered excuses that some states create their ballots randomly or that it may have been done alphabetically.

Johnson in # 2 spot on ballot

Still, seeing Trump's name at the end of the list just didn't sit right with some folks. It is too easy for someone without good vision to take the time to stare at the ballot until they could decipher the first name on the list.

Once they've decoded that name, they would automatically think Trump would follow. They may think they are checking Trump's name, but they've actually checked Johnson.

Mistakes made? 

With Hillary first on the ballot you might have the tendency to believe Trump is the next one down, but that is Johnson. If Johnson and Weld do exceptionally well, as they are the second duo listed, then this may be a legitimate concern. With Hillary first and Johnson second, will Johnson pick up some of the votes meant for Trump? The lettering is small and if you are someone who wears glasses and forgets them, well...it's a possibility! #Election 2016