Donald Trump won the election. The hard fact is the American press with all its expert commentators were taken by surprise as earlier only 8% of the 4th estate had predicted a Donald entry into the Oval office. The fact that he won puts the spotlight on what he will do as president. There is no doubt that there is disquiet in the Muslim world and Saudi Arabia that had bankrolled the Hillary campaign and other nations like Pakistan will be worried. Even the EU is not exactly ga-ga over a Donald win, and one can recollect the Italian premier had telephoned Obama a day before the election that he hoped "it will be a girl." An allusion to a Hillary victory.

Donald and Hindutva

The only group that welcomed the Donald victory is the hard-line rightist Hindu groups that represent Hindutva. In India, Hindutva groups are people with extremist Hindu philosophy that target Muslims and Donald's statements on ISIS and the Muslims is sweet music to their ears. Donald cannot be unaware of the groundswell of support of Hindutva groups for him in India. In this respect, Donald will hit off well in India, and he has said that he expects India and the USA to be "best friends" as they were " natural allies." He has already talked about the security of the nukes in Pakistan. He is concerned. One thing is clear he will be more on the Indian side than Hillary who had a Muslim Huma Abedin as part of her entourage.


However, apart from the Muslim angle, India may not have much to cheer with Donald in office. He has promised to lower taxes and the abolition of H1B visa. This will affect Indian economy as the big corporate houses may start manufacturing goods in the USA and eschew manufacturing in India.

Restriction on H1B Visa will affect the going to America of Indian professionals. This is something the world will have to live with as Donald basically stands for the whites and obviously, immigration is not his cup of tea. But there is a silver lining to the cloud as at one point he had said that he would welcome bright Indian students to the USA.

Last word

There is a right-wing Hindu leader Narendra Modi in power in India and at least on the political front in its confrontation with Pakistan and China Donald may very well be on the Indian side, and that will give a sigh of relief to Hindu groups

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