Introducing President-Elect Donald Trump

#Donald Trump the GOP non-establishment presidential candidate turned 45th President-Elect of the United States locked up the #election 2016 in a stunning upset victory and massive landslide beating #Hillary Clinton with 276 electoral votes compared to #Hillary Clinton 218 electoral votes.

#Donald Trump succeeded in carrying all of the major battleground states, including Ohio, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Kansas, South Carolina, Montana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nebraska, Michigan, Wyoming, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Michigan, Louisiana, Indiana (where his VP Mike Pence served as Governor) allowing a clear path to victory on the road to the oval office and the White House in an impressive historic landslide win.

The voters have spoken. They wanted change and they got it! They are tired of the cesspool and the corruption and the lies of Hillary's email scandals and it took a miracle for Trump with his leadership and vision to help make 'America Great Again!'

The good news is that the election wasn't rigged as originally predicted and Donald Trump won fair in square as the newest leader of the free world! America will be great again and our civil liberties will be protected! Break out the champagne and celebrate! America is back! The Trump train will be rolling into Washington, D.C. in January. The political establishment has lost and the American people have won and made the movement a reality to take this country back by storm in this historic revolution!

Hillary Clinton won New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nevada, Washington, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Virginia, Oregon, New Mexico, California, Colorado, Connecticut.

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She cancelled her fireworks display in New York, knowing she would lose and the somber mood of her supporters took over. Donald Trump crushed her ambitions to be the first female president and she made a formal telephone call to Donald Trump to concede and to congratulate him. She lost for the second time in a row. The first time she ran for President, she lost to Barack Obama back in 2008!

Time to drain the swamp

Donald Trump plans to secure borders and 'drain the swamp.' He finally wants to put an end to the criminals of corruption and the political cabals in Washington D.C. and make the economy great again. This is the biggest shocker that a reality TV star and businessman who has never served in the military and is not a career politician will become our next President of the United States! Change is coming to America!

The Republicans regain control of the senate and the house. He said in his victory speech that America should come together as one united people and rebuild the nation. He plans to improve the economy and renew the American dream. He congratulated Hillary Clinton for a hard-fought campaign and her service to this country as Secretary of State. America deserves the best! #Election 2016