On 20th January 2016, Donald Trump will take the Oath of Office and be sworn in as America’s 45th president. Since he was announced the winner of the 2016 US Presidential Election, there have been widespread protests by people who could not accept his racist, sexist and xenophobic comments during the Presidential Debates and the Campaign.

What does America need right now?

America needs change! Donald Trump's Campaign has stirred a hornet's nest and it is time to bring some sanity into the situation.

Unfortunately for him, his past behavior is the root of all these problems. He has said and done things that are deplorable and any citizen would not be able to digest their 'President' doing such things. It is natural then for people to compare Obama and Trump in this matter and find that Obama is way ahead.

There is no time to redo the entire election exercise.

Isn't everyone exhausted with the one that just got over? However, we can do something better. We can work together to bring about a change in the attitudes and perceptions of how women are treated. It is time for the whole nation to unite and come together for a much-needed healing.

It is time for the people of America assert the things they believe in and get them acknowledge and acted upon by the leaders who represent them.

It is time to restore the dignity of all women in America. We can insist that all women are treated with respect. #TreatWomenWithRespect #TimeForChange

We need to ensure that everyone in this nation upholds the dignity of women. The only way we can #MakeAmericaGreatAgain is by ensuring her daughters get respect!!

A Need for Healing

It is time for President-Elect Donald Trump to take steps towards restoring the dignity of the women who have been offended by his words and behavior.

How can women live in peace knowing that their President is a man accused of rape by a woman while she was a minor? This news has surely shaken every parent having a daughter. What kind of role-model will Trump be to the young boys and men who aspire to leadership positions in this land?

This is not a light matter. We need to address this issue very seriously. The fabric of this nation has been torn by the statements and actions carried out during the messy Presidential Campaign. There is a need for healing and redirection of all the energy and efforts of people in this nation towards what is good and will bring peace to this land.

Instead of losing time and energy on protests, the citizens of this land have to focus on constructive things. Taking the first step to build a foundation for the right treatment of women and people of all races. Let everyone unite and ensure that Donald Trump takes a positive stand on this matter.

Let us establish the fact that #WomensLivesMatter #WomenMatter

We want Donald Trump to #TreatOurSistersWithRespect

We want a #BetterWorldForOurDaughters

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