As time marches forward and the number of votes left dwindles down, it looks increasingly likely that #Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States of America. His policies, statements, and Tweets more than suggest his xenophobic, misogynistic, and hateful tendencies. While this seems like a terrible loss for those in favor of civil liberties and equality for all, it's also an opportunity for the country to stand up in the face of hate.

Trump's message

The message Donald Trump has put across since the start of his campaign has been one of hate and spiteful rhetoric. He has threatened to build a wall to keep Mexicans from migrating across our shared border, in addition to calling people from the country criminals and rapists.

He has fought to deny the immigration of any Muslim into the country, choosing to conflate the peaceful and wonderful majority with a minority of extremist zealots. He has mocked those with disabilities at his rallies, and cooed as black protesters have been beaten to a pulp in front of him.

In recent weeks, Trump has been revealed to be a man who seeks pleasure in sexual assault, and who has been undeterred despite being dogged with accusations about inappropriate touching and rape. He believes power is the ultimate form of dominance, a higher priority on the scale than humanity.

Clapping back

Trump will win the presidency, but it doesn't mean he speaks for the majority of the country. The popular vote remains close, with Trump's victory largely based on the backs of a group of disenfranchised voters - the uneducated.

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For those in the electorate who are ashamed at the results, this isn't a time to sit down and remain despondent about the results of one election. The sun will still rise in the morning, and with it, the ability for the people to organize and fight for what's right.

Perhaps Hillary Clinton wasn't the right candidate to rally behind with her own issues and policies, but her representation of half the country ends with a concession speech. There's grassroots projects to undertake and lobbying to be done - this is still a democracy, and the people still have the ability to guide the future of the United States, a future where civil rights are valued. #Election 2016