"The Walking Dead" is losing viewers in an exodus that’s been compared to Britain’s fleeing the European Union (Brexit): call it Dexit. Ratings are at their lowest since season three, and the reason may be more complicated than just losing a popular character. Maybe it has to do with the 2016 election.

Glenn Rhee’s death

Remember Season 6 with the fake Glenn death? And the popularity of #ifglenndiesweriot? Well, not so much. After the hugely popular Season 7 premiere Glenn did in fact bite the dust, thanks to Negan, but there wasn’t much outrage, some shell shock among fans maybe, but no riots.

Clearly AMC isn’t too worried, "The Walking Dead" is still the top-rated show on television, even with the dropping ratings.

The comic

Of course fans of the graphic novel the AMC show is based on, shouldn’t have been surprised that Glenn was on the receiving end of Lucille. The show doesn’t often follow its source's storyline but when it does — as in the case of Glenn’s death — it stays pretty darn close to the panels. So who are the TV show's viewers who are leaving, and why are they leaving now? Could it have something to do with the election we have all just lived through?

Are we the walking dead?

Quite possibly the shift from zombie gore to human brutality against human, has gotten to be a little too close to reality.

Since the election of President-elect Trump, a lot of the country is in shock and the 46 percent who didn’t bother to vote in November were apparently brain dead already, anyway. So maybe we are the walking dead, maybe we are becoming a nation that just trudges along like zombie sheep and maybe watching "The Walking Dead" is a little too much like looking in a mirror.

The Season 7 premiere might have been a little too brutal for the bruised American public. Maybe what we want right now is to watch re-runs of "Friends" and old romantic comedies. Perhaps we need a break from the reality of the world right now. Who knows, maybe we are witnessing the beginning of the apocalypse in real life and don’t need to watch it on the small screen any more.

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