Why believe me?

For years, English majors have had to suffer through the ongoing stereotype that a degree in English will get you nowhere in the job market. As a recently graduated student with this degree, I can validly tell you that this is far from true. During my academic career, I frequently had that preconception force-fed to me like a spoonful of bad fruit. Little did I know that when I went into the work world, that fruit would have a hidden sweetness. To my fellow English majors who cannot seem to find this sweetness, let this article entice your senses in a way that might reveal hidden sensations to you.

How college experiences help in the real world

As English majors progress through their academic tracks they are exposed to a variety of different writing styles. Each of them acts as building blocks towards your skill level as a writer. Only one month after graduating from college, I was hired as a junior writer at Blasting News and as a member of the marketing team at the entertainment group Producers Vs. Show. Being a member of the Blasting News team has taught me that not only is technique and versatility important in your writing, but also the ability to connect to your audience in a way that makes them want to read more of your work. Producers Vs. Show taught me that working under extreme deadlines and time constraints forces you to showcase how far you've come as a writer since college.

This was particularly true when we covered events with big celebrities such as the cast of "Luke Cage," "Gotham," and New York Comic Con.

If anything is to be taken from this article, it’s that every lesson and experience you endure in college not only helps you in the real world, but also increases your value as a writer!

Hear from another English graduate

Rebecca Reynoso, who also recently graduated from college with a degree in English, had this to say to future and current English majors. “Though there's still a huge misconception that majoring in English is a waste of time, and that it's impossible to get a job after graduating, I know I am simply one of many English Major success stories here to negate the notion of English degrees being worthless.

During graduation week, I landed a temporary job that held me over until I got a permanent, part-time job at an elite tutoring company and landed a second job as a writing tutor for college students. If you choose to study English, you will be following the footsteps of many well-read, well-spoken, and well-written individuals who are also one other thing: employed.”

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