Many of #Donald Trump's supporters think that the protesters engaged in anti-Donald Trump demonstrations are over-reacting and being melodramatic. For example conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren, host of "The Blaze," tweeted the following message on November 15th: "Snowflakes want safe spaces (and) hate Trump for hurting their little feelings. Meanwhile they troll Twitter using poor grammar" (from her verified account). Interestingly enough many of Trump's supporters seem to have hurt feelings as well as evidenced by their reactions to relatively-trifling matters involving #starbucks and a theater performance where Mike Pence got booed.

Starbucks' #TrumpCup hashtag

For those that don't know, when you go to Starbucks and order a drink you often give your name to a staff member so it can be put on your cup. A brainwave from a Trump supporter having to do with this process started a few days ago following an incident where another Trump supporter was allegedly denied timely service. The #TrumpCup hashtag is a response to this incident. It involves a Trump-supporting customer going into Starbucks, ordering a drink, and stating that his/her name is "Trump". The motive appears to be to assert their right to belong in Starbucks while maybe, if they are honest, they also hope to affront the anti-Trump clerks that are out there as well.

Trump supporters have feelings too?

Did Trumpers get their "little feelings" hurt over a trifle involving a coffee? Seems so.

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However, I think there is a small-but-fair point to be made if an individual employee did discriminate against Trump supporters based on political beliefs. The #TrumpCup may make a statement about that point, however it's still a confusing statement and a melodramatic over-reaction.

After all, responding nation wide to an individual incident is just a knee-jerk thoughtless reaction. It's strange how the reactionaries depict liberals as being melodramatic for protesting the appointment of a white supremacist to a key White House position while pouting over coffee. As a side note, the #TrumpCup isn't a smart idea. The last thing you want to do in life is tick off the person that makes your food or drink (think about it).

It's also strange how protesters that oppose Trump's views on the Paris agreement, something that could threaten the survival of our species, is considered to be weepy melodrama and yet the conservatives get touchy about Mike Pence being booed. After all, Trump supporters also had their feelings hurt when Mike Pence got booed while attending a theater performance.

The #BoycottHamilton hashtag, one that refers to non-support for the company in charge of the production that Pence was attending, started trending afterwards as a reaction. Donald Trump himself called the booers "rude" which elicited a reaction from Michael Moore.

As I see it the conservatives involved with the #TrumpCup and #BoycottHamilton hashtags are involved in relatively silly matters. Meanwhile the so-called crybaby protesters are raising issues that may even help the conservatives themselves survive. After all, the environmental situation is not a small matter and it will affect everyone on the globe regardless of political stripe. Furthermore, the appointment of a white supremacist to a White House position might lead to Helter Skelter. I'm not sure what world Trump supporters are living in, but it seems to be one where petty arguments escalate into death matches, while serious matters don't even exist. #MikePence