Kendall Jenner, George Clooney, Robert De Niro, Jay-Z, and Beyonce. These names mean everything and nothing at the same time. They also make up just a minuscule fraction of the celebrity endorsements for Hilary Clinton in the recent US election. In a country that defines the theory 'money talks', even Jay-Z and Beyonce with their NET worth of $1 billion and huge cultural influence, could not help sway the vote.

Democratic reach only as far as arm length selfie

Hilary had the faces that cover social media on an hourly basis and she had a lot of them, compared to the singular tangerine face used to advertise the Republican candidate.

The vast majority of the American celebrity world was so vocal in its support of the Democrat, that some even went as far as ridiculing the notion of a Trump victory in videos spread across the internet, but I am not sure this helped. The question all this raises is how lazy are people that they really cannot take time out of their day on Youtube to research how their countries are being run and who runs them? It takes political candidates to go out of their way to respect endorsements from musicians, actors, and the Kardashians at rallies and on their Twitter accounts when all the above have about as much experience in the political sphere as Donald Trump. That is not to say they should not voice their opinions or that they do not possess political knowledge, I am just questioning how important they are.

Maybe it just bad strategy from Hilary's camp, because 1 in 3 Latinos voted for Trump in Florida alone, a demographic I could have won over Trump.


Looking across the pond, and the U.K is currently sat at an interesting political junction, because what you have is two party leaders in Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn who both are more than qualified to lead their respective parties (Even though the former has never faced a vote).Corbyn is a man supported by many people, evident when his Labour leadership was put up for the vote, as 100,000 people joined the party online to show their support for the man they see as someone who can help push the U.K away from the clutch of the Tories.

Despite the best efforts of the British media, Corbyn's past seems squeaky clean and many journalists are putting down their spades and giving up on the dig. Does he have celebrity endorsement? Yes he does, in the form of big political commentators such as Russell Brand, but what is building Corbyn's popularity is the man himself.

He IS a celebrity, and even though his policies are very favorable with an unsatisfied British public, I can imagine many supporters do not actually know much about Theresa May, and just like to make the shallow comparison with Margaret Thatcher. I'm hoping my country does not follow suit and complete a backlash against the norm by voting for someone who should not have even been in the race. I guess rebelling against the establishment is cool at the minute.

Wake up call?

When you have to sift through online articles on 'scandalous' beach photos, how Celebrity Big Brother relationships are going and what shoes Kendall Jenner wears, to read about scientific discovery and the passing of influential laws, you have to question a few things.

Are you surprised there is a level of corruption going on under the noses of the common person, and if it was in your face would you even see it? The world (including myself) needs a reality check to not just stand up against corruption, racism, and the political figures because it is too vague, and is not achieving what you want it to. Ill informed important decisions, propaganda and lack of education should all be fought against, and education is not just time spent at University like the US polls like to suggest. The cult of the celebrity is a tedious topic to cover as it holds little to no merit in my mind, but even slating it will probably bring in more readership ironically.

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