The US election is over and many of my friends from America are appalled at the rise of Donald Trump. Just before the voting started a friend rang me up and said the mood was as reported by the press of a clear Hillary victory. A little later when the results began to trickle in it was clear that Donald was leading as he moved ahead in the electoral vote. The point was that Hillary was defeated and Donald was the winner. What had happened to see such a result?

Hillary was destined to lose

The fact is Hillary represented the old brigade and the electorate wanted change. But here is the catch -- now we know that the second largest group that voted for Donald was white women -- despite all the news of Donald and his comments about women.

What happened? There is no doubt the minorities, particularly the Muslims will feel insecure but this was to be expected. There was a chance of stopping Donald, and that chance was Bernie Sanders. Here was a man who represented something fresh and he could have stopped Donald's march to victory. But her desire to be president and support from a so-called liberals did her in. She lost.

Victory of extreme right

The extreme right wing in places like France, Australia, and even India are delighted, and social media is full of such people gleefully talking of replicating a Donald win in their countries. In case it happens it could lead to a racial divide. Perhaps Obama and Hillary erred in not recognizing the disenchantment of the common white worker in America.

The same people had voted for Obama earlier in 2 elections, but this time a feeling swept them that they had been taken for a ride. They wanted a man who would uphold their rights. Hillary also erred in not gauging that.

Last word

Now that Trump has won the extreme right is happy. Donald's refrain "making America great again" will come true.

They will, however, interpret it to mean that it will be great again for their particular voting block. No wonder so many white women voted for Donald.

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