Triple H knows how to build credibility

In 2002, he proved this when he was awarded the newly christened WWE World Heavyweight Championship that looked eerily similar to the WCW Championship that was unified by Chris Jericho back at 2001's "Vengeance" Pay Per View. During his five reigns with the Big Gold belt, Triple H defeated the likes of Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Goldberg, and more. What truly made the belt credible, however, was not Triple H's wins, but his losses. Looking back through history, he lost the belt to Shawn Michaels, Goldberg, Batista, and Chris Benoit (in a Triple Threat Match that included Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 20).

All four of these names had very successful careers in the Wrestling business, and, barring an extreme tragedy, all four names would probably be in the WWE Hall of Fame someday.

Fast forwarding 11 years since Triple H last held the Big Gold belt

He is still a key figure in building a top singles title, this time being the WWE NXT Championship. Over the past seven years, Triple H has brought in some of professional wrestling's hottest names that had yet to step into a WWE ring. Names like: Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens), Tyler Black (Seth Rollins), El Generico (Sami Zayn), Shinsuke Nakamura, and, the current and first ever two-time NXT Champion, Samoa Joe.

All of these men won world championships in various promotions before coming to WWE; henceforth collaborating to not only bring their fan bases, but a precedence of prestige to NXT as well. That being said, all of the aforementioned men have held the NXT Championship, and more world class independent wrestlers are being signed to WWE on a weekly basis. With the way that WWE NXT is booking Samoa Joe's NXT tenure now, it will be amazing to see how they book the babyface that will usurp Joe in the days to come.

The man makes the belt, the belt doesn't make the man

This saying ran true last year when John Cena single-handedly regained the United States Championship's credibility with numerous open challenges, sincere babyface champion promos, and upper card Pay Per View title defenses of the belt. Now, with the Intercontinental Championship, The Miz is showing why the midcarders are the lifeblood of WWE's New Era with his scathing rants, Intercontinental Championship Reunion Tour, and dastardly deeds that ensure he remains united with his Intercontinental Championship for a very long time.

All this being said, these are the WWE's secondary titles, and will always remain as such. In contrast, the NXT Championship is WWE NXT's top prize; and, either colloquially or officially, will soon begin to serve as the WWE's third World Championship.

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