The Never Trumpers have held fast to the idea that Donald Trump is as unfit for office as is Hillary Clinton, so opposing him and going third party, supporting Evan McMullin by preference, has been easy. Indeed what seemed to be the likelihood of a Trump defeat made the principled stand an inevitable one. However, with Hillary Clinton in freefall in the polls thanks to the revelation of her many crimes committed as secretary of state and Trump exercises discipline again, the Never Trump movement is facing the prospect of the guy they detest becoming president. Steve Berman at The Resurgent is going through the stages of grief, arriving at bargaining and then acceptance.

The bargaining part consists of Berman wondering what the Never Trumper will do if #Donald Trump is sworn in as president this January. Do they oppose Trump even then? Or do they line up in support of the man they opposed?

The acceptance part consists of the answer to the question, which is to support Trump so long as he maintains a modicum of discipline and dignity. How big an if that remains to be seen.

That Donald Trump would make a better president than Hillary Clinton is a demonstrated fact. Despite his faults, which are legion, Trump has never descended to the depths of evil and corruption that Clinton has. Besides, his agenda, for the most part, is something that conservatives can get behind. Finally, President Trump will have plenty of adult supervision in the form of people like Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Ted Cruz.

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The Never Trump movement has been based on principle over political expediency. One does not support an awful candidate just because he is slightly less horrible than his opponent. But Hillary Clinton has turned out to be the ninth circle of Hell in the depths of her wickedness and mendacity. A loud mouth vulgarian like Trump is starting to look pretty good by comparison. That feeling has started to inspire a last-minute surge of support behind the Republican candidate. It may be the greatest political comeback in living memory.    #Election 2016 #Republican Party