In recent days the mainstream media outlets in the United States have begun to point the finger at some of the less politically correct websites on the internet. According to networks such as CNN and NBC, these "other" media outlets are putting forth nothing more than "fake news."

The fake news list

In circulation on the web, and of course being pushed by the mainstream media, is a list of what has been dubbed "fake news" that includes well known and established news websites such as World Net Daily, the Daily Wire, Breitbart and InfoWars.

The list was created by a liberal assistant professor at Merrimack college in Massachusetts. Melissa Zimdars, specializes in "fat studies." Zimdars is a self-identifying feminist, activist, and hater of all things Trump.

According to WND, Zimdars said that she began compiling this list because she didn't approve of the sources that her students were citing in their work. If that were all this was it would not be a problem, because there are plenty of websites that are home to fake and/or satirical news.

However, this list became more than that when Zimdars started including what Sean Hannity's website called "mainstream conservative sources."

Targeted for conservatism

By all accounts, except for those of the mainstream media, several of these sites were targeted by Zimdars simply for the right-leaning opinions: Leftist attacks on the right simply for being opposite them grow in number in what some have dubbed "the age of Trump." And it isn't really surprising that news outlets such as the Washington Post, CNN, USA Today and New York Magazine spread the list as quickly as possible with little thought as to how or why Zimdar should be trusted in her assertion that this list was accurate in its claims against all of the websites it lists.

Thankfully there are those on the right that are willing to fire back at groundless accusations with facts and logic. Here's a list of actual fake news, also known as a list of journalists and news outlets that colluded with the Clinton campaign in lying to the public:

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