The election is now in the last lap, and like a marathon race,  the winner will be a person who is chosen by destiny. This is because the race is going down to the wire, but for an act of providence favoring a candidate either Donald or Hillary, there is very little to choose.

Stop Donald campaign

What are the prospects? As it stands, most of the 4th estate do mention that it's a tight race, but they conclude that the winner will be Hillary Clinton. The press has a great say in molding opinion and there is the hope that with constant refrain, the winner will be Hillary, the aim is to present fait accompli to voters. It's clever planning but sometimes the best of plans can go awry and one does feel that this time the campaign to "stop Donald anyhow" may not work.

Likely scenario

Let us see how the 2016 election may work out. Both candidates are almost level in support but there are two factors. First, there is the uncommitted voter who should be about 5-8% and then there is the 3rd candidate Gary Johnson. He has been consistently polling at 4-5% in the polls and is the dark horse. How will he affect the votes cast? It's a two-way contest between Hillary and Trump but the third candidate Gary Johnson is also to be factored in. He will cut into the votes and will affect the result.

The crucial factor is the uncommitted voter and he or she will be wary of a person whose health is suspect as well as a person who, as the FBI says,  has been "extremely careless." The acts and comments of #Donald Trump on women in my view fade away in comparison to national security and defending America's interests abroad.

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On my visit to the NW university in Chicago, where my son is a student, many Americans articulated these views. 

The result?

The 3rd candidate, Gary Johnson, will also cut into the votes, and so it's possible that Donald may make it to the White House. In addition, we have the prediction of Allan Lichtman about a Donald victory and this is not astrology. Keeping all these factors in mind, there is more than an even chance that Donald will be the winner. He will not only win the popular vote but also the votes of the electoral college, and Hillary may blame providence in the event that she loses. #Election 2016