Over the last decade it has become increasingly clear that the mainstream media is irrelevant and utterly useless. Journalism is often defined as the “fourth pillar” of democracy. For this reason freedom of the press was enshrined as an inalienable right under the US Constitution's legally unprecedented First Amendment. But what good is freedom of the press when no one in the mainstream media has the courage to report the real news? This egregious obfuscation of the democratic responsibility of journalism by the mainstream media has led to the rise of independent media outlets, and both the neoliberal and neoconservative corporate fascists hate it.

Turn off the TV

Glenn Greenwald left The Guardian and went on to form The Intercept. Julian Assange had earlier founded WikiLeaks. Many are turning off their television sets and turning to Internet based news media such as The Young Turks for the real news that TV no longer tells us. Social media and the Internet continue to be instrumental in several global social movements including the fight against Dakota Access. Corporate fascists of both the Right and Left now seek to destroy it. They are planning an all out assault on Net Neutrality to silence the last democratic bastion of political dissent, independent media. Nowhere was that more evident than on November 20th, 2016.

Lies of the mainstream media

Indigenous water protectors attempted to move a military barricade on Highway 1806 to allow access for medical personnel. They were met with the unrelenting force of Police Brutality by militarized police, private security, and the National Guard under North Dakota Gov.

Top Videos of the Day

Dalrymple's corporate, fascist, police state. The only reason anyone knew what was happening was because of Facebook's newsfeed and its Facebook live function. Independent media live streamed video of the fascist carnage that reportedly over 2 million witnessed via social media. The brutal assault of, flares shot off to start fires, mace, tear gas, concussion grenades, rubber bullets, LRAD (a sound cannon), and a water canon in subzero conditions was not reported on the mainstream media. Where it was, the so-called “legacy” media (more like “colonial legacy” media) distorted the facts on the ground out of all recognizable proportion. They were more concerned with the #Donald Trump media circus.

Lies of the Colonial Legacy Media

We learned the hard way how the colonial legacy media operates during the Democracy Primary. #Bernie Sanders supporters began to derisively refer to the main stream media as the “lame stream” media. The colonial media simply accepted the version of events as told by so-called “law enforcement." Largely, if not entirely, ignoring the reports from the other side.

The colonial media made false allegations that unarmed water protectors were “violent” or “aggressive.” They repeated the lies of the fascist police that water protectors were starting fires and that this was the reason for the water canons. In truth, the fascist forces of #Climate Change fired flares into the crowd starting several fires that the protectors had to put out for their own safety. The water canon was used as a weapon against the protectors and caused mass hypothermia. Medical reports coming out of the aftermath are shockingly gruesome, but don't expect to see that on TV.

Independent media essential for human rights

Never has the time been more critical to defend free press, independent media, and net neutrality. Facebook recently launched a war on allegedly “fake news” (i.e. independent media). Militarized police shot down drones protectors used to document abuses. Police allegedly hacked Facebook live feeds. Some alleged Facebook blocked the feeds. Independent media and medics were targeted and attacked. The colonial legacy media continues to spread the lies of the neoliberal corporate fascist state. Fight Climate Change and Stand with Standing Rock by supporting independent media.