What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or read the words Native Americans? Maybe you think about the pilgrims and the Indians on Thanksgiving, eating dinner together because they were the best of friends. Maybe you think about the romantic story of Pocahontas and John Smith. Perhaps you think about what you learned in Social Studies class when you were in grade school. You know, how America was "discovered' and despite there being some miscommunication at first, things between the settlers and the tribes were eventually resolved. We're taught Indians were just some people who were here before this country was founded, and now they're just a part of history.

They're not some history lesson. They're several groups of people who are still here and need our help.

The sick mentality behind the crooks who physically stole this land from the Native Americans, and the corrupt #Government officials who continue to cover up those crimes is so unbelievably manipulative that it disgusts me to my core. They have unnecessarily lied to American citizens for so long I'm not sure why our people aren't more outraged by this. Well, I do know why. It's because the Natives aren't white. In 1877, after surrendering at Fort Robinson, a Lakota warrior named Crazy Horse was mysteriously killed while in custody. Sound familiar? It should, because it's still going on today to people of color. This shit has been happening for way too long.

Holidays support discrimination

Really think about how much effort our government put towards masking the horrific manslaughter of innocent people.

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There are federal holidays annually celebrating these events, meanwhile the descendants of those victims are still suffering today. Christopher Columbus was a criminal, who didn't even land here and he still has his own day of remembrance. As a couple, dressing up as a pilgrim and Indian for Halloween is seen as a cute idea, but if a couple dressed up as Thomas Jefferson and one of his slave mistresses that wouldn't be okay. The point I'm trying to make is that they're both extremely offensive. But our government basically brainwashed us into thinking the complete violation of other human beings is somehow a fun, patriotic part of our history. What?!

Just recently Megyn Kelly was interviewing Mike Huckabee. During, she asked him to comment on a statement made by a protester talking about the American flag and where our country's origin. The protester said, while arguing with a bystander, "You're trying to say it's a God-given nation. It's a nation that was taken from its native people.

So how is it God given?" Huckabee's comment: "You know, it just stuns me that someone who grew up in this country could believe that we are what that latte sipping idiot must have been thinking when she said that." Wow, wow, wow. The level of insensitivity and insecurity that lies within people like him is embarrassing. He has the nerve to say that, mind you with out backing himself up with any facts, but meanwhile most Native Americans live below the poverty line, the U.S. government continues to violate the treaties they have with the Native people and journalists who are trying to report on the Dakota pipelines are getting arrest for doing so, which is a violation of the 1st Amendment. And those are only a couple things from the long list of unconstitutional inhumane crimes our government has gotten away with.

The Native Americans should no longer be forgotten about, the government should take responsibility for the damage they caused.