This has been a rough election. It seemed it would never end. We saw horrible behavior on both sides of the campaign and witnessed a mud slinging match like no other. With the candidates acting this way, the supporters were doing the same. It got nasty. Horribly nasty.

Electorial Votes counted

Last night as the polls closed the electorial votes were cast. Trump won the race to 270 electorial votes but #Hillary Clinton did win the popularity vote. This isn't the first time our country has elected a president under these circumstances. It is a reminder that the only time each individuals vote counts is at the state level.

Social media has been crazy for months about this campaign. #trump supporters were bashing Hillary and her supporters while Hillary supporters were slamming Trump and his supporters. Logging onto Facebook became overwhelming because the newsfeeds were filled with information on each candidate. I actually felt a bit sorry for my friends from other countries because they were seeing the same posts I was.

It is time for unity!

Today marks a new day. Both candidates have spoken and shown grace. Trump spoke last night to thank his supporters and Hillary spoke today to thank hers. Both of them showed more respect for each other now that it is over than they ever did during the race. It is time for us, as a nation, to follow suit.

We cannot be a country divided. Our democratic process has been followed and a president has been elected.

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It no longer matters who voted for who. The fact that Hillary won the popular vote has no bearing on the presidency. All that matters is that Donald Trump will take office on January 20, 2017. He will be in the Oval Office and have control over the future of our country. Like it or not, that is a fact that we cannot avoid. All we can do as citizens is wait and see.

As citizens we have the right to watch and react. The LGBT community, the disabled community, the immigrant community, and the women of America need to be vigilant but that would be true with any presidency. We have a constitution to protect us and we as citizens have to keep both eyes open as we stand united for the sake of our future generations. #Election 2016