Here's my bold prediction: #Donald Trump will accept the Presidency on January 20th, 2017, and it will humble him enough to reconsider his stances on certain issues. I know it may seem radical to propose that a radical candidate will suddenly have a change of heart, but hear me out. Prior to running in this election, Trump has always had democratic views. In the past, Trump has said he was pro-choice, pro-universal heath care, supported a ban on assault rifles and was a registered Democrat from 2001-2009. Since becoming a registered Republican in 2009, Trump's stance has changed radically on all of these issues.

Why did he change?

Donald Trump also used be very close friends with Hillary Clinton, even "donating at least $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation," according to Hunter Schwarz of the Washington Post.

Trump knew there was no path through the DNC that didn't involve beating Hillary, so that wasn't an option. He did, however, see an opening through the GOP. Cruz? Rubio? Kasich? Bush? The GOP was wide open and desperate for a candidate to come in and reignite the flame the GOP has been missing since George W. Bush's re-election in 2004. That's exactly what he did.

How did he do it?

He did it by appealing to conservative principles while distancing himself from the GOP platform, giving his supporters a "way out" from traditional establishment politics. The middle class in middle America felt forgotten until Donald came around and changed that completely. So, he became a loudmouth, racist, sexist, misogynist extremist who will bring back America from the "Dark Ages." He knew he had to take the anger and frustrations of voters who felt neglected and turn that into a motivation to get out and vote.

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(Disclaimer: I do not agree with the outcomes of Donald Trump's election tactics, as it has created a massive divide in our country).

The Result?

Donald J Trump pulls off the biggest upset in political history and is set to become the 45th President of the United States of America. Trust me, I've written that sentence over and over again and I still do not believe that it is happening. Back to my prediction - Trump is already changing or neglecting his stances on some issues. How do I know? I checked his website. His controversial call to "ban all Muslims trying to enter the United States" is currently nowhere to be found under his new immigration policy. His call to "cancel the Paris Climate Agreement" has also been removed from his website. The Wall, however unfortunate, is still on the site.

Trump still plans to go through with a lot of his controversial plans that he mentioned throughout the campaign in between criticizing Hillary Clinton's emails. It's been two days since the election and his website has already been altered, so I believe that this is just the beginning.

Trump promised to do a whole bunch of things that he knew would never come to fruition, but telling people what they want to hear is part of being a politician. This is why I believe he will take more moderate stances on certain issues, cozying up to the Democrats in Congress in his pursuit for re-election in 2020 (I can't believe I'm saying that either). #President #presidentoftheunitedstates