Throughout the course of his run up to the presidency, Donald Trump has terrorized and demonized the media. He has called them the "disgusting media" and and has gone as far as to call some of the journalists he loves to hate by name. Katie Tur has been singled out and even theatened by Trump rally attendees when Trump pointed to the media pool and denounced her. Well, well, here we are, two days after the 2016 presidential election and folks in the electronic and digital media industry just can't seem to let go of the story. The story controls the narrative and Donald Trump still controls the story in our present media environment.

Treating a make-believe media narrative as if it is reality does not make it so

This morning, White House journalist Kristen Welker breathlessly waited in front of the White House portico for Mr. Trump's plane to land. We were treated to a recitation of empty speculation and babble about the election results and unfit analysis thereof. No substance here, just move along to the next pretend important event. But, nevertheless we all continue to feed on these media droppings. There is only one real solution to a problem besotted with money from the corporate personhood fostered especially by the SCOTUS decision in the Citizen's United case. Change the system if it is rigged.

Let's talk about campaign finance reform

We should direct the narrative rather than let it direct us. We must demand that our journalists and presenters do substantive reporting instead of meaningless photo-ops. If that task involves the electronic media getting brave and taking a brave ideological stand when it would be easier to weasel away under the shade of being politically correct then so be it.

Let's talk about the electoral college, a vestigial device with echoes that go back to the Magna Carta and old English law. One person should represent one vote. It is inherently an undemocratic way to have an election as we see in 2016 when the popular vote is over-ridden by the electoral vote. It is a perfect time to change the system.

Now is not the time to be standing on the White House lawn doing color for Trump's airplane and limousine.

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