This new president, Mr. Trump, ushers in an era as yet unrevealed. We will see how he flops and flips his way through the swamp. In the meantime the autopsy reports will develop, fixing blame and denying responsibility for the election loss as it suits the various authors. I personally hope that the Clinton cohort and their machine will leave public service and go away. The way I see it is that if they had moved aside when Mr. Clinton left office the Democratic Party would have been encouraged to nurture a vigorous and viable field of young competitors. The Clinton team has been heard to say that the "Democratic Party bench is pretty light." They have kept it that way purposefully in the past to assure her nomination.

The Clintons have controlled the Democratic Party since Bill left office

As it was the Clintons sucked the air out of the whole process continuously since Bill left office by various means including the Clinton Global Initiative. It is now the Democratic party that needs to rebuild from the ground up, paying primary attention to the basic needs of the American people. Let the Bernie Sanders progressives provide direction. Clinton and her minions need to loosen their chokehold on the Democratic Party and get out of the way.

Younger voters should be encouraged to join the Democratic Party

Younger voters, some call them "millennials," complained loudly and bitterly about the collusion between the DNC and the Clinton election staff.

Wikileaks exposed the nods and winks that passed from one group to another. Younger Democrats say that Bernie Sanders, a primary candidate against Clinton, was betrayed and the process was compromised. Many of them said they would vote for the Libertarian because of the betrayal. It was not democratic or fair, they say.

Until the complete forensic autopsy of the Election 2016 is done we will not understand how this hurt Clinton -- win or lose.

Elizabeth Warren is a better leadership choice for younger Democratic Party voters

When Hillary was choosing running mates I wrote "...She will likely win with Elizabeth Warren by attracting the Bernie folks and women.

Tim Kaine is just more of the same process that folks are tired of and frustrated by. Hillary won't win with Tim Kaine. Elizabeth is a better choice strategically and righteously...." Well she took what she felt was a more "comfortable" approach and we can all see how well that worked.

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