Rage and the ACA

My friends on Facebook are having a meltdown. I headed over to see how they were coping with the election results and was confronted with a tide of fear so strong it took my breath away.

After reading a post from a friend who was terrified, I suggested she take a calming breath. We both have anxiety issues so I thought I was giving breathing advice. Seconds later, I was confronted by another woman who took me to task for suggesting such an inappropriate act to our mutual friend. That didn't I know there was going to be blood in the streets and people were going to die when the Affordable Care Act was dissolved?

Digging deeper

I decided to dig a little deeper to discover what Donald Trumps' views are on the subject of healthcare in the hopes of calming some very real fears.

He is going to be president and we will be faced with challenges, but we are Americans. We will get through this.


Since March of 2010 the Affordable Healthcare Act has been law. You sign up for health insurance and if you don't you are fined. There are online health exchanges in some states that people visit to sign up for insurance. Some exchanges have already failed so if there isn't one in your state that's why. It has nothing to do with #Donald Trump.

If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor was the buzz word of the day

But what changes have happened since 2010?

1. UnitedHealth Group announced a few months back that they are dropping out of the exchanges because they can no longer afford to insure people. There wasn't much alarm because most exchanges still had two insurers.

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2. Then Aetna dropped out. Aetna will stop selling insurance in 11 of 15 states and will abandon expansion in 5 others. There just isn't enough money to be made and they are not obligated by law to stay in the exchanges like we are.

3. 85% of customers nationwide qualify for the program's tax credits and subsidies because their incomes are four times above the federal poverty threshold. Problem is, not enough healthy people have signed up to defray the cost for the poor. Poor meaning those making 97,000 annually or less.

Soon any choices in the ACA will be gone. This is fact, not hype. Hate on me if you will. I won't mention the premium cost increases for the middle class this year. They simply cannot afford it.

What Donald Trump proposes to do

1. Repeal the Affordable Care Act. BUT BEFORE DOING SO he will have a plan in place to make sure there is coverage. This repeal is directed at one thing: No person should be required to buy insurance unless he or she wants to. No more tax at the end of the year if you don't have insurance.

2. Modify existing laws that prohibit insurance companies from crossing state borders creating competition instead of people being locked into only those insurance companies in the exchanges.

3. Allow individuals to fully deduct premium payments from their tax return something Congress has been able to do for years.

4. Expand Medicaid and work with states to insure those who want healthcare can have it.

5. Expand the use of Health Savings Accounts. Monies in them would be passed as part of the individuals estate.

6. Require price transparency from all providers.

7. Remove barriers into free markets for drug providers.

The facts

The ACA is failing due to business reasons. Change is necessary so that each person can have the health insurance they want. As the law stands now, there isn't any competition between insurers and the middle class can no longer afford the premiums. Why? Because there is less incentive for insurance companies to monitor their costs.

Those are the facts. #affordablecareact #Election 2016