There is disagreement on the Presidential Election among U.S. Citizens on who won the popular vote. If you were to use Google to search these statistics you would find at the top of the page links to top news websites, and their statistics of the popular & electoral college vote. The electoral college vote does not convene until December 19, they will likely give their votes to the person who already has enough votes. According to CNN, Trump is the winner with 290 votes and Clinton has lost by over 50 votes, with 232 votes total. According to the Inquisitr's website there's a list of various polls & links to articles with varying information of who actually won the popular vote.

Some saying Donald Trump did, others say that Hillary Clinton did. Either way the popular vote was won by an extremely small margin, one we haven't seen in over 10 years.


Most of the voters complaining about how the election turned out are first time voters, & were glued to biased news sources that predicated Clinton would win, and they couldn't process the Presidential Election. I might add that according to recent polls, over 46% of the country didn't vote. The silent majority of the country voted, they made their voices heard, & demanded that an outsider become the next insider as President. The small majority whose candidate didn't win have for the most part lost their wits. There is a small percentage of these citizens who are peacefully protesting, albeit they are doing the exact thing they claimed made Trump such a bad man.

Another portion of the small majority is rioting, burning American flags, vandalizing property, & even assaulting people who they assume are Trump voters. This group of people claim it's all in the name of love. No, it's all in the name of anarchism, offense, & entitlement.


This word is the very reason we have these actions going on today.

Not due to the Presidential Election, it's been going on for years. Whether it be the offended college students who need safe spaces & crayons, rioters who burn our American heritage & attack innocent people, or the prejudice kids who have attacked their classmates because their skin color is different.

There is a small majority on both sides of the Presidential candidates that make both parties look like complete & utter disgraces to this nation. However, this is not the whole truth. It is only what is being reported by the media, which is why the hate is still being incited. Not everyone feels this way. Although it was made abundantly clear that an Anti-Trump supporter felt this exact way as she threw her young son out because he voted Trump in his school's mock election. Not all Americans feel this way. To make it simple I am an American. I supported no one. I loathe one more than the other, but that is because of personal moral beliefs & the fact that I am a proud military supporter.

Americans on both sides need to stop looking at each other & affiliating them with which party they support, their skin color, their personal beliefs, their sexual orientation, their religion, their outer bodies, & start looking on the inside.

What is in the heart? Is it love, freedom, equality, peace, patriotism? If it is not one or many of these then I suggest you go find a safe space & figure out how to find one of these emotions. Let's face it, America, you did this to yourself with the help of the government. If you are out spreading hate & supporting criminal actions no matter the justice you see in it then you are part of the problem.

We were taught as children to treat others as we want to be treated & if we had nothing nice to say then say nothing at all. That time needs to come again. The only way you can get your message across is to do it the right way. There is no right way without peace and love. Don't lower your standards.

We are one nation, and that is America.

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