It's been a hectic few days since the election results, and people on the internet seem to be more negative than ever. So, instead of talking about what Bernie Sanders could have done better, or what Hillary Clinton could have done better, we'll talk about how historic this election really was. If we can get past the name calling and general hysteria that surrounded this election, there is actually a lot to be learned. What do I mean?

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders ran an incredible campaign that truly showed how many people will get behind a candidate who represents the people instead of the corporations.

Small contributions (anything below $200 dollars) made up over 75% of Bernie's fundraising, raising an estimated 230,000 dollars a day since announcing his run for president. Eight of Bernie Sanders top 9 donors were unions, which were literally created so that corporations could not take advantage of their employees.

There was a buzz around his campaign that was eerily similar to Trump's and it was resounding excitement from their supporters. Toward the latter part of his campaign, Sanders held a rally in Washington Square Park in Manhattan and gathered a crowd of about 27,000 people! He may have lost the nomination to Hillary Clinton, but he showed America that a political revolution is truly possible.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, with all her shortcomings and email scandals, is a great political candidate. More importantly, she proved to women in this country and around the world that you can run for President. Unfortunately, I can't finish that sentence with "and win," but it was historic nonetheless.

We were on the verge of electing the first African-American President and female President back to back, but America had other plans.

Hillary Clinton may not have won this election, but I believe that this loss is the best case scenario. Why? From a motivational standpoint, this brutal loss will spark an anger in women to push forward in the pursuit for the White House.

An over-qualified female lost a job to an under-qualified male, and that disappointing result will pave the way for future female presidential candidates. Remember, becoming the "first" female president still hasn't been achieved - it could be you!

Donald Trump

Donald Trump ran the most bizarre campaign I have ever seen, pulled off the biggest political upset in American history, and is set to become the 45th President of the United States. He continuously shamed and ridiculed minorities and people of color, yet 33% of Latino men and 13% of black men still voted for him. He is under investigation for sexual assault and has openly degraded women, yet 52% of white women and 26% of Latino women voted for him.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, meaning more total people voted for her, but Trump won the key swing states and the electoral college.

Here we are on Saturday, November 12th, and we are referring to Donald J Trump as "President-Elect." Trump has no prior experience in politics yet he is set to become the next President of the United States. I apply to an entry-level marketing job and I need 4 years of experience to be considered for the position. None of this makes sense logically, but the fact remains: The 2016 election has truly proven that anything is possible.

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