"Teen Mom 2" Season 8 promises more train wrecks and relationship chaos. Unwed Jenelle Evans is happily pregnant again with her latest boyfriend David Eason despite his arrest for domestic violence, her aborting a baby, and separate custody battles for her other children. The gushing mom shared photos of sons Jace and Kaiser cuddling the new baby but season previews show that life isn't all baby bumps and happy families. Will this "Teen Mom" get it together in the new relationship or will she wind up battling to parent yet another child?

Jenelle Evans 'Teen Mom 2' parenting fails

In a clip from the reality TV show season 8 (which airs Jan. 2) Evans is fighting with her mother. Barbara Evans has temporary custody of Jenelle's first son, Jace. A consummate partier, the 24-year-old has struggled to care for her kids. She expects and gets a lot of help from mom but now resents that her parent is parenting her child. Evans married Courtland Rogers in 2012, got pregnant and then lied to fans about having a miscarriage that proved to be an abortion.

The young mom divorced Rogers within the year and by 2013 was pregnant with another boyfriend Nathan Griffith. Jenelle's battling Griffith for custody of that child, Kaiser.

Jenelle Evans leverages 'Teen Mom 2'?

Even with her past history of negligent parenting Evans wants custody of both boys. When mom refused to surrender her grandson, Evans threatened never to "film with" her mom ever in her "f--king life." Fans are left to wonder if this "Teen Mom" is using the reality show as leverage against her mother.

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Mom responded that if she gets permanent custody of Jace, she'll only allow her daughter limited visitation. That might seem like blackmail but with all Jenelle's put her mother (and her kids) through, it's more common sense.

More unwed pregnancies on 'Teen Mom 2'

Even after losing custody of her first child, divorce, abortion, a mysterious illness that turned out to caused by birth control, and problems with the third child's baby daddy, Jenelle's delighted over this pregnancy. Baby Ensley's daddy David Eason brings his own problems to the table.

He was arrested earlier this year on domestic violence charges. But still fans seem happy for the "Teen Mom" and her boyfriend in spite of their epic parenting fails.

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