#Ted Cruz comes in sheep's clothing as an advocate for #Donald Trump then says everything but the GOP candidate's name while supposedly campaigning for the man who may be president. Cruz showed up at an Iowa rally for Trump and Pence and while he couldn't say enough about his respect for the vice presidential candidate, there was no hiding the effort he put into not saying Trump's name.

Cruz put as much effort in guarding against Trump's name leaving his lips as one might guard against spewing a four letter word in public. With supporters like this, who needs enemies?

Cruz mum on Trump's name

According to CNN, most were shocked when Cruz first reversed his vow never to endorse Trump, and now he is on the campaign trail.

Cruz's refusal to mention Trump's name looks to be a residual effect from the days when the two got somewhat nasty during the Republican debates. It appears as if Cruz stepped up to the podium yesterday with his own agenda regarding Trump.

Sings high praises for Pence

It's not as if Cruz just skirted using Trump's name during his Iowa speech; he actually accentuated the fact by going overboard gloating about Pence. He said that he looks forward to the day he can call him "Mr Vice President." But he failed to mention that in order for Pence to pick up that title, Trump will also be addressed as Mr President at the same time!


Reporters did question Cruz on the fact he didn't mention Trump's name while he was standing in front of the Trump-Pence plane on the tarmac. He pointed to the plane and said he "will make a point; I am getting ready to get on a gigantic plane that has Donald Trump's name painted on it."  

He also told reporters that he voted this week and his vote went to Trump.

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It was like the cow that gives the milk and then kicks over the bucket with Cruz and his play on words over Trump. After declaring his vote for Trump he then made the point how this was about defeating Hillary Clinton for him, which could be taken as another jab at Trump.

With supporters like this, who needs enemies?

At this point in the campaign Cruz did nothing to discredit Trump by refusing to say his name if that was indeed his intention. What Cruz did accomplish was to remind the voters that Cruz is a man with hidden agendas and someone who can't let go of a grudge. Politics and holding grudges don't mix, but that doesn't seem to resonate with Cruz.

Cruz has a way of pouting in a child-like way when things rub him the wrong way. The Republican Party apparently reached out to Cruz for his help in the Trump campaign, but he still couldn't put his own agenda aside and go with the flow. He is like a stubborn child who is going to get the last word in whether anyone likes it or not. 

Cruz finally sees the error of his ways?

It is not known if he was spoken to before they reached the next campaign stop or not, but when Cruz spoke at the next rally in Michigan he used the name Trump in his speech.

Why would the Republican Party want to parade Ted Cruz and his grudge around the campaign trail? It was very evident he is making sure to get his own personal message to the crowds that he is begrudgingly there for Trump. He is only showing up at the various rallies with the quest of keeping Hillary out of the White House. #Election 2016