The day America changed

11.9.2016…The day the United States of America suffered a harsh blow to the stomach. The results from this election caught everyone by surprise; it is still hard to believe that Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America. This is not what people were expecting, yet it is the reality citizens must now face.

In many people’s eyes, America has taken a turn for the worse. A country that was once home to many citizens has left them feeling betrayed, fearful, and hopeless. A man without any political experience, who has disrespected countless people has been trusted to govern this great country.

Many people are debating whether or not they should leave the country out of fear of what Donald Trump could possibly do to them. The sense of security they once felt has been lost. Their voices will no longer be heard nor will they matter. This is truly disheartening; this should not be our representation of America.

Spread love, not hate

Campus climate has drastically changed since the election of Trump. Many college students have joined forces to protect one another from the hate that has attacked our country. Students feel threatened due to the increase in hate crimes on various campuses. This past week, more than 100 colleges saw students walking out of their classrooms as a result of the election. Among those who participated in the anti-#Donald Trump rallies were USC, UCLA, Pierce College and East Los Angeles College.

Top Videos of the Day

Many students and their families addressed their concerns stating their fear of what Donald Trump could possibly do. Yet, they understand that there is nothing they can do but to live through it.

These protests have helped to unify various communities Donald Trump has targeted. Students are making a big difference by striving to change the image of our country. They are proving their voices do matter, and their rights should be supported and taken into consideration, which ultimately emphasizes the idea that we must continue to spread love, not hate.