Someone has created a cartoon that is so realistic it is a horror story. The short clip is done in a black and white cartoon format that was typical in the first half of the 1900s. It has a very dark mood to it, but it opens your eyes to society today and how our personal technology devices have changed life as we once knew it. The change isn't good and it offers a very gloomy future outlook.

Cartoon seemingly comes out of nowhere

This cartoon was posted to Facebook by Milton Neves, who is a TV journalist from Brazil.

Neves writes that he doesn't know who made this cartoon-like clip, but because it has so much meaning in today's world, he decided to pass it along. Since he posted it to Twitter it has gathered over 6 million views. People are astounded with just how the scenes in this cartoon mirror what is seen today with people and their cell phones and tablets.

Faceless society

One person who viewed the clip commented that young people today can be in a relationship for a year and still not know each other's eye color because they are constantly looking down at their tech devices.

When the cartoon first started, it looked like a typical old clip with people going about their mundane daily routines. Then you see there is something in the flick that doesn't belong there because the technology wasn't available during the era. iPhones are in everyone's hands and this was an era long before even "Get Smart" and his shoe-phone was conjured up. You can view this untitled video below.


The clip isn't funny, as it shows how isolated we as people have become. Even when in a crowd of hundreds of people, you are alone, as this one character in the clip demonstrates.

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No one would look up from their personal device to see what this person was trying to convey. The ending of the film will leave you awestruck as a suicide jumper on a ledge gets nothing from the crowd below, but they are using their cell phones, taking videos of what is about to happen.

Horrors of personal devices of technology

While you don't see the jumper meet her fate on the ground, you get the gist of it when the characters making videos are looking up with their cell phones in their face. Then they they move in unison to look down, in the same way a crowd follows a tennis match. But their movement is vertical instead of horizontal.


According to the Washington Post "deadwalkers" are among us and you may even be one yourself. They talk about the dangers of people not looking up anymore while walking along the sidewalk, street or park and more and more people join the ranks daily. The Atlantic explains that engineers create software so that it is irresistible to the user. People are actually "addicted" to the sites and apps provided on the Internet that now are available on your personal devices like iPhones.

Society goes off a cliff /depression hidden in selfie

At the very end of the cartoon they are all walking off a cliff, which they don't see because their cell phones are in their faces.

During the clip people are beaten, but no one comes to their aid because they are busy filming it on their iPhones. The selfie is also explored in this clip where a woman looking very depressed perks up for her selfie in the mirror.

This cartoon wakes you up and while all these actions are exaggerated to make a point, they really are not stretching it too far because you can see clips of your own daily life in that film! Check it out!

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