This has been one crazy week in politics. After voting on a new president elect, several states including California have passed recreational #Marijuana use, with a few other states settling on medicinal only. While Arizona declined to hop on the bandwagon, there is a marijuana movement streaking across the U.S. Since the #NFL tries to act like the epitome of America, they require an opinion on every major issue we face. Therefore, they too will be faced with growing pressure to allow the players to use marijuana for the sake of their health.

Health benefits

Marijuana has provided relief for millions of Americans seeking refuge from their chronic pain.

Last time I checked, if you're an NFL player, you're either in pain or you're not playing. Every single Sunday has been compared to getting in a car accident. So where do #Football players seek pain relief? Well, some players choose the route of opioid pain medication and take a gamble on serious addiction. Many NFL players come out after their career admitting to rampant opioid abuse, but the NFL doesn't see a problem with the longevity and mental health of their players. As long as Roger Goodell keeps focusing on excessive celebrations, he doesn't care if the business has to replace a few employees.

The verdict

It's more obvious than ever that Americans don't hold marijuana to the same destructive stigma that we used to. As a result, the marijuana industry is booming thanks to regulation and taxation.

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So, should the league allow players to use marijuana? Yes, to combat addictive opioid use and provide pain relief, an optional route should be allowed for players to use medically prescribed marijuana. But the NFL is a business highly involved with youth and the community. Do they run the risk of damaging their reputation for the sake of their players? Not a chance, regardless of who is running the show. The NFL has to parade around for the children, pretending that it's not the most violent sport in the world.

We have already seen the league crack down on rookie star, Ezekiel Elliot, just for entering a dispensary. We have seen numerous players who rather risk failing drug tests and receiving suspensions than deal with the chronic pain of being a professional football player. Something here has to give under all this pressure and if we can learn anything from the past, the NFL doesn't break first.