Yesterday, a demonstration broke out in Oberlin, Ohio, after 19-year-old Jonathan Aladin went into #Gibson's Bakery and attempted to steal two bottles of wine. Before he could make it out the front door, the owner of Gibson's, Allyn Gibson, reportedly tried to stop Aladin. Then, the police were called, and they arrested the man on shoplifting charges. Aladin was reportedly African American, which is what sparked the protest that lasted all day.

A large group of demonstrators formed outside Gibson's and began protesting "racial profiling," which they believe was the primary reason for Aladin's supposed assault and arrest.

Was this actually racial profiling?

One could argue that if the shoplifter had been of any other background that there wouldn't have been a #Protest.

Aladin attempted to shoplift and was subsequently arrested for it. What protestors need to realise is that this was not an issue of racial profiling. This was simply a shop owner protecting his property, and the police arresting a lawbreaker.

The Chronicle-Telegram reported that an unnamed demonstrator said something to the effect that they will not allow this unjust behaviour to continue any longer.

What exactly are we not supposed to allow to continue?

The truth of the matter is that Aladin was arrested because he broke the law. If Aladin had been white, Indian, Mexican, or of any other descent, he still would have been arrested.

The Chronicle-Telegram also reported that Aladin apparently assaulted Allyn Gibson after Allyn tried to stop him from stealing.

In my opinion, Allyn Gibson did not overreact in this situation.

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If I were the owner of that store, I probably would have done the same thing. It was also reported that Allyn was knocked to the ground by Aladin, and Aladin proceeded to punch Allyn in the face repeatedly while saying "I'm going to kill you."

Allyn Gibson was clearly the one who was wrongly assaulted in this situation, and he was simply trying to protect his store and his property. When will enough be enough? How much longer are we going to cry "racial profiling" for every arrest that occurs? #Black Lives Matter