When Republican super-patriot Newt Gingrich (who’s never served a day in military uniform) called Fox newscaster Megyn Kelly obsessed with sex because she asked him if #Donald Trump was a sexual predator, conservatives howled with delight. Big tough Newt had put the little woman in her place. The one thing Newt is able to consistently do is portray himself as a chaste and heroic stalwart of morality and decency.

Newt has engaged in sexual indiscretions of the flesh

He cheated on his wife with another woman and openly admitted it back in 1998 (and yes, I know, old news is not news to a super patriot). If it’s several years old it’s not valid, so Newt thinks.

Clearly, Newt has himself been at times if not a sexual predator talking about grabbing women’s private parts as Trump did, which constitutes predation in anyone’s book, then at least a libertine. The definition of a libertine is a person who behaves without moral principles (being honest with your wife).

According to the website realchange.org Anne Manning, who worked on Newt’s first congressional campaign in 1977, said she engaged in oral sex for Newt because then Newt could claim they never slept together. This is a new X-rated take on the term plausible deniability, originally coined by Ronald Reagan to deny any knowledge of the Iran Contra scandal of 1987. Reagan has been a hero to Newt.

Newt at times did not believe in confining sex to marriage

In 1993 Newt had another affair while married, this time with a staffer named Callista Bisek, and in an interview with the Christian Broadcast Network explained that he cared so much about his country passionately that things happened that were inappropriate.

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Only an arch conservative could have the nerve to tie patriotism as an excuse for adultery. Ironically at the time Newt’s affair was happening he was leading an impeachment proceeding against then-President Bill Clinton for Clinton having an affair with an intern Monica Lewinsky. Perhaps Newt saw the irony in this. Perhaps not.

Can you be both a patriot and an adulterer?

Like a lot of people (including Donald Trump), Newt is able to compartmentalize morality. That means you can explain some indiscretion in a neat little psychological box and keep it separate from basic ethics. Rather than just admit you were wrong. In fairness to Trump, after the tape where he bragged about grabbing women’s privates was made public, he did say he would try to be a better person.

I have noticed that voters also like to compartmentalize their rationale for voting for whoever they support. Thus a conservative on Facebook (I read this myself) called Trump an unacceptable candidate but one this conservative would accept because Trump would pursue policies and appoint Supreme Court justices to the conservative voter’s satisfaction.

This is an example of compartmentalizing. In other words, the candidate who has exhibited wrong behavior will behave himself while in office. Newt’s bullying of Megyn Kelly is just another example of his ability to adopt a pose of chastity that he himself has not lived up to. #Election 2016 #Republican Party