Black Friday has been for decades a shopping extravaganza. This time, as usual, sales are being championed by the big players in the field like Walmart, Amazon, Kohls and others. But the gun stores have recorded a marginal decrease. Why? the general people feel that with Donald having won, guns are not likely to be restricted and so one can buy at leisure. The urgency to own a weapon has gone and with Hillary's defeat, the gun lobby is happy. Donald's win has also affected the stock market and the gun company Smith and Wesson (traded at much lower prices).

The fact is that Donald's win has given gun supporters a sense of relief, and now the urgency to buy a gun immediately is gone as no controls of any type are expected.

Gun sales

There has been a marginal dip in gun sales. This is because Donald all through his campaign also talked about violence and crime and the need to save America. Another reason for fewer sales is the background checks which were the highest during the buildup to this Black Friday. But there is an increase of women buying guns, according to range365.

Gun retailers feel that ultimately gun sales will pick up. More people will buy guns as an insurance against violence and crime. Donald has talked about both. Many first-timers (as much as 25%) are buying guns but they are going in for the small hand held weapons and not the rifles and higher caliber guns. These are the weapons targeted by the anti-gun lobby. Obama wanted to enforce some gun control, but he failed as the Congress with a Republican majority did not allow him.

In any case, now with Trump a known supporter of guns, in power, any such legislation to control and regulate guns won't see the light of day.

Last word

Black Friday is a wonderful time to shop and traditionally the stores make big sales. There won't be an exception this year except for guns and that is for an entirely different reason. Black Friday is the time when firms make a profit and write in black (as opposed to red which is a loss).

Sales of guns will also pick up and in the long run, and the gun lobby should be happy.

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