#Barron Trump is off limits, which is what the masses conveyed to #Rosie O'Donnell after her very nonchalant comment regarding autism and the president-elect's youngest son. O'Donnell took to social media a few days ago to suggest that she sees signs of autism in Barron's behaviors. She also suggested that if he was indeed autistic, how this would be an "amazing opportunity to bring attention to the Autistic epidemic."

Damage control

It didn't take long for the voices of America to shout out via social media to O'Donnell, basically telling her to mind her own business. Considering her history with #Donald Trump people thought she was taking a jab at him again, but this time using his young son, Barron.

There is no love lost between Trump and O'Donnell and to say they despise each other wouldn't even begin to paint the accurate picture of their feeling toward one another.

Speculations about Barron

With that said, O'Donnell's comment on Barron Trump was uncalled for and the backlash is still drifting her way today. She was called out for making speculations about a 10-year-old boy who she happens to know nothing about. She released an explanation of her comment over the weekend and one of the things she said was that she has no ill will for Barron or any of Trump's kids. She does however feel "Trump is a clear and present danger," according to a report from CBS News.

Had nothing to do with president-elect?

She was adamant that her comment had nothing at all to do with her toxic relationship with Donald Trump.

Top Videos of the Day

She was zeroed in on autism as a subject. According to the Inquisitr, the comedian wants the public to know that one of her own children was diagnosed with autism. She saw some of the same behaviors in Barron that she saw in her own child.

O'Donnell's autistic child

If O'Donnell had come out and talked about autism using her own child as an example, that would have been a different story, but instead she happened to pick out the son of her arch-enemy to do so. Another thing O'Donnell did with her original comment on Barron was to offer up a link to a video that discussed Barron's behaviors in detail, which are the same behaviors found with kids who are autistic.

Video of autistic behaviors

The movie clip points to Barron's hand clapping, which is erratic, but his hands never touch one another. The strange movements he made, along with the facial expressions were also pointed out in the clip as signs of autism. The video called for the bullying of Barron Trump to stop.

O'Donnell's original comment was seen as a bullying-type tactic when it first appeared online. Her attempt to soften this comment by offering up the news that her own child is autistic came a day late and a dollar short. When all was said and done, O'Donnell stood by her comment despite of all the uproar it caused.