A conservative on Facebook cackled with glee that #Hillary Clinton’s email problems will breathe new life into the corpse that is #Donald Trump’s candidacy, but polling results since the recent flap suggest the race was tightening a bit before the email news. It must be something serious for the FBI to reopen the investigation into Clinton’s emails the conservative said on the Facebook page. This ignores the fact that Clinton’s email problems have been going on for a year with no smoking gun so far and what gives him the idea that in the next six days one will appear?

Conservatives think Clinton email re-investigation is their big moment

At best, the something serious guess is both wishful thinking and an assumption.

Also, voters remain fixed in their opinions. According to Anthony Zurcher, North American reporter for the BBC, Hillary Clinton had a six-point lead over Trump before the email news and a six-point lead after. Clinton if anything has proven once again her tenacity and toughness that even Trump himself praised when he was asked during a recent debate to point out one good thing about Clinton. Clinton was quick to hit back after news of the latest email examination by the FBI, criticizing FBI Director James Comey for potentially breaking the law by attempting to influence an election mere days before voters go to the polls.

Clinton counter punches FBI and potential Trump Russian ties

The Clinton Camp also called attention to an article on the news website Slate, which claimed Trump had a secret server with computer-ties to a Russian-based bank.

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Trump has praised Russian leader Vladimir Putin in recent months, fueling speculation about his involvement with the country. That Clinton emails were hacked by Russians to influence the election remains unproven.

Republicans don't believe in Murphy's Law, anything that can go wrong sometimes does

Republicans can be forgiven for hoping that the Clinton email investigation will reinvigorate their candidate’s flagging candidacy, plagued by sex groping scandals. However, they seem unable to grasp the possibility that this alleged (to them) good news can just as quickly turn on them, in other words the boomerang effect. That is, the benefit to Clinton if she displays her usual canny toughness and she already is. Clinton demanded full disclosure from the FBI to produce a smoking gun, or in other words, put up or shut up. Failure to find anything of consequence by Nov. 8 will likely deflate any Pro-Republican bump in the polls caused by the earlier re-investigation news.

Clinton still leads electoral map with big payoff states like California

Regardless, a look at the Electoral College Map still gives Clinton a commanding lead though the lead has narrowed somewhat (this is expected as election day nears with or without the email news).

Clinton has 259 electoral votes while Trump has 164, with 115 state votes considered a toss-up for either candidate. Even if Trump were to get half of the toss-ups he would still be far short of the needed 270.  


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