The Republican strategy for obstruction on every initiative by President Obama on the day after he was sworn into office was centered on making him a one-term president. Bail-out the auto industry to save the country from the loss of a huge and critical industrial/manufacturing sector, resulting in enormous job losses and a deep depression? No! Help make the Affordable Care Act work, and tweak it if it doesn’t, in an environment of health care costs spiraling out of control? Repeal Obamacare! (without anything fiscally sound to replace it). Passimmigration reformwith a bipartisan Senate-approved bill ready for House approval since 2013?

Forget it. Government shutdown? Oh, yes! That direct cost alone to the American taxpayer, however, was$24 billion dollars.

Election 2016 may not be the"change election" Americans are looking for

The “change election” Donald Trump and his fellow Republicansare calling for in this election apparently involve only more of the same obstruction to make government institutions worse, not better. Such change will affect every sector of American life.

And where there was, after the passing of Justice Scalia nearly a year ago, a GOP-wide call to not give so much as a hearing to an Obama appointee “until the people have decided” in the November 8 election (note – they did, in 2008 and again in 2012), five-term senior U.S.

Senator from Arizona John McCain recentlypromisedhe would help ensure that no Clinton appointee will ever sit on the Supreme Court. By raw definition of the term, that constitutes a “change,” but the implications are devastating for our constitutional democracy. With few if any Republicans raising objections, and even endorsements from the likes of House Oversight Committee Chairman Darryl Issa, Senator McCain apparently has wide-spread Republican support on this,including Donald Trump.

Once again, while a majority of the electorate wants affirmative change, the Trump varietyis probably not at all what they’re wantingto see.

GOP impeachment talk before Hillary is elected

There are lots of nails in the GOP-constructed Clinton political coffin they would like to slam home – Benghazi, Affordable Care Act, Clinton Foundation, emails/private server - but thus far Republicans have failed in repeated efforts to arouse a majority of voters.

Obstructing economic growth and success here and overseas, equitable tax reform, and nationwide and worldwide environmental reality are but only severalcasualties of Republican efforts toput America last.Andtheir answer as to how America will conductits legislative business looks to becriminalizing political opponents.GOP talking points are now centered on a future Hillary Clinton administrationparalyzedby pending criminal indictments and her GOP-preferred impeachment. Why? Because she supposedly lied to the FBI? If she hadn't told them the truth, she'd be out of the race by now.Facts and evidence in support of her future criminal indictment and impeachment? Republican and media speculation, questionable hearsay,innuendo, all with no smoking gun but lots of hyperbole.

If one thrives on speculation, the latest unsubstantiated rumor is that President Obama will pardon Hillary Clinton before she takes the oath of office.

If Hillary Clinton wins by alandslide, and Dems take back both Senate and House control,dire predictions in this article will become moot,and Republican Obstructionmaybe a thing of the least until the next electionin 2018. Stay tuned.

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