#Donald Trump (to the surprise of so many) won the Presidential Election one week ago. Since he did so he has been nothing but Presidential. Opponents have continued to ridicule Trump. Protestors have taken to the streets, and colleges have given students relief from the pressures of college, giving them time to deal with losing the election.

Many of those protesting or walking out of high schools to show solidarity are under the age of 21. President #Obama and his policies are all they know, and grasping the outcome is blowing their collective minds. Thinking that these protests will change things is comical, it will not because the election is over.

The past eight years have taught these young people if you do not like something, be offended, and someone will come to your rescue.

Democracies can be offensive

Democratic systems have a tendency to offend almost half the people after every election. Harboring ill-will toward the other side will accomplish nothing. Social Media is abuzz with people attacking each other, people who once called each other friends. Families are torn apart, co-workers have turned on each other, but for what?

Pundits have offered opinions that President Elect Trump is the only one who can calm the masses, and that may very well be true. President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders would have a voice that more would listen to, but I have heard little from any of them.

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This will in the future be used against them in upcoming elections. It appears they still feel this was a Trump or Clinton decision, it was not.

The choice was easy

Many of the Trump supporters did so because the growth and spending of government is out of control. We can no longer afford to tax and spend as a nation, we are $20 trillion in debt. Illegal immigration contributes to this over spending, so it has to be addressed. No longer can we afford to police the world, so that has to be addressed as well. People need jobs, so that has to be addressed, and Trump will address these things while Clinton helped create them.

The protestors have every right to protest peacefully without disrupting the lives of other citizens. Educating themselves on the process would be a better use of time. Taking a part in something before the results are determined would be good too. Most of all these young people need to understand, sometimes life is painfully hard, and only the winner gets a trophy.