Donald Trump (the underdog) has won the election fair and square. Now when I look back and see the predictions by the mainstream press that predicted a sure defeat for Donald Trump, one is struck by the fact that perhaps the media was out of touch with reality. There can be no reason for such lopsided predictions, as many GOP opponents of Donald also raised their voices against him.

The press and demonstrations

The fact that Donald won is by itself a tribute to the American voter who was not swayed by the incessant propaganda against him. Reports suggest that many women voted for Donald despite all the unsavory news splashed incessantly that Donald had no respect for women and he was unfit to be the president of the USA.

Now that Donald has won and the dust has not yet settled the press is again giving great importance to some protest marches across some cities protesting against Donald as president. America is a nation of 325 million and one wonders what is the percentage of the protestors. Despite slanted photographs, one can make out that the protestors are just a few thousand and at some places just in hundreds. Most of the protestors are chanting slogans like "we reject Donald as president" and " No, to white supremacy" etc.

The future

In a democracy protests by opponents will always be there, as the right to dissent is an inherent part of democracy. Yet, as Rumer Godden wrote "thus far and no further" is applicable as well.

The protests need to be reported but not in a way to show that entirety of America is disturbed at Donald winning the election. If this was the case, Donald would not have won in the first place.

Donald will be a different president. There are lots of charges against him and there is no doubt that he twists his words.

He is a man of the world with an eye for the fairer sex, but that is not a ground to agitate against him. Donald Trump represents a thought process, a dream which is accepted by the majority, maybe they are white but the press will again be committing a great mistake to report the protests as the last word.

Donald will go on to become president and some small agitations are not going to stop that.

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