Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, is it a match made in heaven? Or another example of a British Royalty falling for an American girl who's going to get him in trouble with his straight-laced relatives? Only time will tell. One thing is for certain, when you want someone so bad you ache, that’s understandable.

Prince Harry's new romance

Prince Harry, the bearded lookalike of Erik the Red, is dating an actress named Meghan Markle, the star of a TV show called "Suits," one of the innumerable lawyer shows that along with doctor shows dominate the airwaves. These shows are all basically the same. They all have the same obligatory scene where the principal actors gather around a body in the morgue to attempt to solve a crime.

The actress, attractive and statuesque, bears a slight resemblance in a younger and prettier way to Wallace Simpson, the woman whom King Edward gave up his throne to marry in 1936. Harry is apparently wild about Meghan. She’s wild about Harry. There was a song titled that in the old days.

In any event, a source told Radar Online the actress is so thrilled with her good fortune in attracting Harry’s interest and the news that is circulating on the web about their romance, she can hardly sleep at night. I don’t blame her personally. If I was a heretofore struggling actress who got a part on a TV show and had no major credits before that I would be thrilled too. What a career move. At the very least dating a British Royal will result in mega-stardom. Look for her next season to ask for a huge salary raise.

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She told Prince Harry I find you symbolically attractive

In an apparent attempt to symbolize their budding romance, Meghan posted a photo of two cuddling bananas on her social media (Instagram) page with an inscription telling the recipient to sleep tight. But what does she mean with this symbolic message? I peel my heart out over you, perhaps? Or, you drive me bananas?

Another Meghan message posted portrays a cup of tea amid the parts of a puzzle. I have no idea what this means. Some have speculated it symbolizes having tea at the palace with the queen. The tea looks very weak, kind of like lemonade. Harry has reportedly introduced the actress to members of his family, which shows that things could be getting serious. However all is not well.

Meghan has relatives who contended she has not shared her good fortune and star TV salary with them and they’re apparently strapped for cash after suffering personal family bankruptcies and credit card debt. In fact a half-sister named Samantha Grant said Meghan has been selfish for failing to support her family financially. This is nothing particularly unusual as almost everybody has an uncle with his hand out.

For Prince Harry it's up to the Queen

But most of us don’t have a Queen for a potential in-law. What will Queen Elizabeth make of Meghan if this goes any further? If anything, royal marriages have often proven that personal happiness comes after political considerations and royal family bloodlines. Can a pretty commoner with good TV ratings find happiness in the palace? We’ll see.