The Juice Media posted a video montage to its Facebook page of all of President #Obama's promises to indigenous peoples contrasted with images of horrific #Police Brutality committed against indigenous water protectors defending the #Environment against the Dakota Access pipeline. Obama has done nothing to address these egregious abuses of water protectors' civil and human rights, despite a vehement condemnation of the US by the United Nations. The top caption of the video reads “OBAMA, NOW IS THE TIME TO KEEP THESE PROMISES” while the first frame reads “I'M WITH YOU.” Well Obama, are you?

Obama's promises to Native people

Obama's speeches even include the phrase “nation-to-nation” relationship.

The phrase the Obama administration has consistently refused to use in relation to the rights of the Oceti Sakowin (Sioux Nation) regarding the illegal construction of the Dakota Access pipeline in Sioux Nation treaty territory. Instead, all official communication uses the phrase “government-to-government” relationship. Why the change? What is the significance? This clever turn of phrase is a deliberate attempt to deny the nationhood of the Sioux Nation in order to justify ignoring its treaty rights. Obama has consistently ignored the egregious law breaking of the rogue company Energy Transfer Partners, and its subsidiary Dakota Access LLC.

Energy Transfer Partners law breaking

Robert Kennedy, Jr. said in a TYT Politics interview, the companies have refused to do an EIS or Environmental Impact Statement required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

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Kennedy, Jr. says the company gets around the EIS through segmentation of the project, an action expressly forbidden by NEPA. Obama, who so passionately defends the notion of the “rule of law," consistently ignores the treaty rights of the Sioux Nation. The Ft. Laramie Treaties are of great legal significance. They represent an unconditional surrender of the US to the Sioux Nation. The original treaties forbade any US infrastructure projects through Sioux Nation territory. The US was inconvenienced by this so it immediately set about rewriting the treaty in the infamous “Chicago rewrite.” There is just one problem, the Sioux Nation did not sign or agree to the rewrite. The worst failing of the Obama administration is on civil rights.

Dalrymple's police state

North Dakota Gov. Dalrymple has created a fascist police state in Oceti Sakowin (Sioux Nation) occupied territory. Dalrymple is being allowed the use of the full force of North Dakota's militarized police, private security contractors, and even the National Guard.

On November 20th, water protectors, attempting to move a military barricade to open the way for medical transport, were met with the full force of North Dakota's fascist police brutality. American tax dollars are funding a massive militarized police force to defend the assets of a billion dollar corporation. That is the definition of fascism. Water protectors were maced, tear gassed, shot with rubber bullets, and sprayed with a water canon, allegedly mixed with mace, in the freezing North Dakota temperatures. An elder reportedly suffered cardiac arrest and had to be revived by medics on site. One woman may lose her arm from a concussion grenade explosion. Photos of the aftermath of the fascist carnage are gruesome. What has Obama done to address it? He has distracted everyone with nonsense.

Do not ignore the real issues

Obama threw a bone to Native people by awarding the Congressional Medal of Freedom to Elouise Cobell. Otherwise he has busied himself giving a corny speech, rife with stupid jokes, as he pardoned two turkeys to celebrate the Thanksgiving myth. Meanwhile, internationally recognized political prisoner Lenoard Peltier remains in federal prison, as he has for over 40 years, for a crime he did not commit. Peltier embodies the continuing indigenous resistance like Dakota Access. Obama, keep your promises. Stop Dakota Access and free Leonard Peltier.