#Donald Trump shocked the nation, liberal mainstream media, and millions of voters when he swept Hillary Clinton aside in the Presidential Election. Outside of Trump and his supporters, there were few that truly believed he would win. Over a week later there are still those that are protesting, complaining about, and scheming against the President-Elect as he determines who will be included in his administration.

There was a lesson to be learned from Trump’s historic rise to the pinnacle of politics in the USA. The problem seems to be the democrats have not learned a single thing from the American voter’s decision to cast them out.

The tide in American politics has changed, and the thing about incoming tide is that you cannot stop the waves from rushing in. You can, however, ride them if you have the skills to do so, and currently it does not appear the democrats have those skills.

Democrats need to take note

The democrats would serve themselves well to take note of the silent majority they have awoken. That majority is not interested in special interests, and they have no desire to coddle those who do not contribute. They are however tired of the political elite thinking they are above the rest of the citizens of this country.

President #Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Harry Reid, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi have seen their better days and should go quietly into private life for no other reason than the American people have chosen to go a different direction.

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Hillary and Bill Clinton have seen the end to the days when they mattered. Each one of these people is becoming irrelevant by not taking a stand against these protests.

Liberal elite mindset flawed

These elites from the left have shown their true colors since the election was decided. Not one of these so-called leaders has come out to tell these snowflakes and hired protestors to go home because that is how our election system works. Many of those protesting did not even vote in the election, and yet they protest. This is obviously a flawed mindset.

The democrats are much like the democrats of the early 60s where the thought process was the more we give them the more we can control them. Those days came to an end when Trump won, but the democrats are too arrogant to see this. It will become more and more evident as more of them are voted out in their next election if they do not change their ways. Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp that is Washington D.C., but the democrats are self-draining that swamp.