Pres. Barack #Obama was counting on #Hillary Clinton to solidify his legacy with a win as surely as Hollywood stars depend on fellow celebrities to grace their lavish mantles with Academy Awards. Hillary was to take Obamacare to the next level which was to gut insurance companies and ensure government run healthcare would follow. Mainstream media predictably campaigned nonstop for Clinton as did Hollywood. Both, not to mention the Democratic Party's leadership across the board, were rightfully horrified when Trump snatched Obama’s legacy from the jaws of Clinton’s assumed victory.

Celebrities go soft on pledge to move

While nobody really took threats by celebrities to move to another country seriously, their empty promises are a measure of how certain they were of a Clinton victory.

Now, Obama’s legacy, his political Academy Award, may never be presented. With little more than the controversial Iran Deal, Obamacare and the release of a record number of felons to show for, Obama's legacy is the smoldering ruins of his fragmented political party. As for the Iran deal and Obamacare, both will be repealed or converted into an unrecognizable Trump creations that will sail through a Republican Congress. Mainstream media will continue to strain its credibility beyond the breaking point trying to convince Americans that lackadaisical economic growth under the Obama administration is a worthy legacy, but that will only work if the Trump administration can't top Obama's timid economic growth rate. With the stock market soaring and Trump promising to focus on creating jobs, it is unlikely that Obama will have an economic leg to stand on.

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Clinton is the new Dukakis

Meanwhile, instead of taking a victory lap with her minions in the press, Hillary Clinton's fabrication over dodging machine-gun fire in Bosnia as she hit the beach have replaced awkward visions of Michael Dukakis actually riding around in a tank before his historical loss. While Dukakis was ridiculed for his lackluster performance in the 1988 contest against George H.W. Bush, he was not lying about the tank, as awkward as the optics turned out to be. Obama campaigned hard with Clinton as did the media and Hollywood elite. However, despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars more than Trump, and while enjoying the support of television networks and major newspapers all across the country, Clinton and Obama managed to totally exclude white males from her campaign except to call them a basket of deplorable, unredeemable whatevers. In the end, about 68% of white males voted for Trump, who also got a significant boost from African-Americans, Hispanics and women.

Now, President-elect Trump and a Republican Congress will have more to do with molding Obama’s legacy than the Democratic Party. At the same time, Trump will control the Supreme Court nominations which will steer the court center-right, a far cry from the direction Obama was attempting to take it.

Obama has self to blame for legacy

Mr. Obama has himself to blame as much as anyone for damaging his own legacy. While the American people fretted over low-wage jobs and the unaffordable cost of his Affordable Healthcare Act, he was flying billions of dollars in unmarked bills to Iran and dictating bathroom gender-policy and immigration law to states from his perch in the Beltway bubble. Making matters worse, Obama solidly backed Clinton in the Democratic primaries over Bernie Sanders which angered millions of Sanders supporters -- like those in Michigan, one of the blue-wall states that Clinton lost on Tuesday. This is not to say that Obama will not have a legacy. Problem is, the centerpiece of his legacy will be that he started his term with a healthy Democratic Party majority and proceeded to lose the house in 2010 followed by the Senate in 2012 and the White House in 2016 and presumably the Supreme Court. This is the backbone of Obama's legacy because outside of the demise of the Democratic Party, there is not much there.