Here are my predictions for five major failures in #Donald Trump’s first term as president. These are based on a combination of illogic, refusal to consider valid evidence, inability to understand idealism, and just downright selfishness and stupidity. Or in other words, easier said than done.

Failure to lead an effort to combat global warming. This first one is potentially catastrophic. Other countries of the world look to the U.S. to provide leadership and the ones who don’t (China) are heavily dependent on fossil fuels that are destroying the planet. Republicans deny global warming and the opinion of science. Fossil fuels make money and to do something about it would be costly and inconvenient.

Better to shelve it off to a future generation. It’s their problem. A brand new report that ran on this very website said the world’s wild species population has been halved in the past 40 years and will be again in the next 20. Trump wants to pretend it isn’t happening.

Trump wants others to pay for their own exclusion, but will they agree?

Building a wall along the border with Mexico and getting the Mexicans to pay for it. What’s interesting about Trump is he used to talk gullible people out of their money which he described in a book as an art form (instead of scam), and now he’s going to try and do it to countries. Use logic. Would you agree to pay for the building of a wall to keep yourself out? It doesn’t make sense. Use history. No wall in history from the Great Wall of China to the Maginot Line has been successful.

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This is another delusion. It Trump actually attempts it, watch it go down in flames.

A registry of Muslims. This will be the first time in American history people have had to submit their names for special scrutiny because they are the practitioners of a particular religion. Freedom of religion is the most basic of all American liberties. If Trump actually attempts this he can expect a firestorm of opposition -- everyone from survivors of the Japanese Internment Camps of World War II who were targeted for nothing other than their ethnicity, to lawyers for the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). Attacking a person’s religious orientation will be about as successful as Custer (who Trump resembles) at the Little Big Horn.

Trump is into censorship

Efforts to shut down freedom of the press. Thin-skinned Trump who can dish it out but who can’t take it is already spending much of his time threatening the play "Hamilton" and the TV show "Saturday Night Live." A proposal by Trump to make newspapers that run articles he doesn’t like more susceptible to lawsuits is lunacy. Slander laws are already on the books.

Try to brand newspapers who don’t agree with you and who don’t sing your praises like good propaganda as disloyal? That’s another disaster.

Dismantling Obama health care. This last one is purely speculative based on one probability. Unlike the above disasters it’s fully possible to throw out Obamacare. The problem is the Republican’s vast and long track record of never having anything to put in the place of what they throw out, or given Murphy’s Law, something that will stink so bad people will want Obamacare and its lesser problems back.

The Japanese are peace-loving

I’ll add one more. Getting Japan to pay for its own military defense. Trump like Sarah Palin doesn’t study history. After World War II we forbade the Japanese from having an army and navy and military expenditures. Japan became a pacifist country. Good luck, Don! #Climate Change #EndangeredSpecies