How did we all get so angry?

This is a word that is being used in news articles across the country after Donald Trump's win. The country is angry, people who feel they've been left behind are angry, the Democrats who lost are angry, minorities are angry, gays are angry, women are angry.

Stop whining

Webster’s definition of anger doesn’t really describe my feeling today. Being upset or annoyed doesn’t come close and I don’t really want to lash out and hurt people, but shout, yes, I’d like to shout. I'd like to shout at all the people whining about our economy while they watch Fox News on their giant screen TV snacking on popcorn and chicken.

Do they even have a clue how lucky we are to live in the USA? I want to shout at all the people crying that immigrants are taking their jobs; do they really want to work as maids, janitors, gardeners, do they want to sweat in a hot field all day picking strawberries? I want to shout at them to think where they would be right now if their ancestors hadn’t sacrificed, left homes and family behind to immigrate to the USA so they could have a chance at a better life. I want to shout at the media for giving Donald Trump millions worth of free advertising.

Meaness and name calling

Angry, no I’m not angry, I’m disappointed and stunned that my fellow countrymen have become so self-serving, so careless of our place in the world. I’m speechless that meanness, name-calling, lying and mocking a handicapped reporter is being rewarded.

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I’m worried at the message this is sending to our children. We teach them not to be bigots, to be kind, that we are all created equal, then we elect someone to our highest office that stands for just the opposite of these values.

Working together

President Obama and Hillary Clinton have both given speeches today telling us it is time to pull together and help Donald Trump be successful. That’s all very nice, but by helping Trump be successful does that mean that we should build a wall between the US and Mexico, go back to the 1950’s when women and gays had no rights, abandon our allies, embrace Vladimir Putin? We need to pull together and make sure Trump is a one term president. We need to make our voices heard, we need to let the world and each other know that we will not follow the rats and the Pied Piper into a dark cave.

Hillary won the popular vote

We have to change an arcane electoral system that lets loser’s become winners. Remember, Hillary won the popular vote. So how did we end up with Trump? We have to care enough to get out and vote in the mid-terms in two years, and take back the house and senate. We have to elect people to office that aren’t afraid to obstruct, fight, and, if necessary, get down in the dirt to fight for inclusiveness and the rights of all Americans. No, let's not be angry, lets get to work and make this the USA our forefathers envisioned. #Election 2016